O Ya

There is nothing better than a good nights sleep and the mattress I have been sleeping on is way to soft so I went out and bought myself one that is like rock hard, a good fucking mattress if sex ever enters my life again.  Shelby and I went out today and bought her a new macbook air for school because her macbook screen is cracked and she needs a new battery. A light computer is the way to go when you are going to school and her last social security check came in so I spent it on her.

We are going to go to an auto auction on Wed and I’m going to see about getting a super cheap car that’s good for getting around and I will let her have use my five hundred as it is a safe car with little mileage and driving to the D four times a week she needs something safe and reliable as do I but I do not need all the bells and whistles. I haven’t met anyone interesting on the sites of course and some asswipe wanted to know if I liked to watch him and wanted me to watch him, wtf?

A man looking for a relationship doesn’t do that low class shit but men are fucking pigs or most of them are from what I have seen. I’m so sick of the bullshit games on the sites already and they really hold little intrigue for me any longer. I’m sick of being alone but am finding it better than to be involved with someone who doesn’t compliment me or makes me happy and if a guy acts fucked up online you can bet he is worse in  public. I do not have the time or the desire to play fuck around fuck with these guys.