It is so nice to find your “everything” in one person, that one you want to sit next to and feel so comfortable in the silence, heads resting on each other just enjoying the moment, the soft palm that touches your cheek softly and the thumb that runs over your bottom lip, the gentle kiss and the beautiful smell of that person, just that person no one else could fill that void. Wouldn’t it be nice if life were so simple? Wouldn’t it be nice if each and everyone of  us had the person we are meant to be with?


Wouldn’t it be nice to drop your clothes next to the bed at night and slide naked under clean sheets with their body awaiting yours? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that hand touching your body so lovingly, so gentle. Wouldn’t it be nice to have two pillows touching, two bodies touching, two hands holding and the peace that comes with those moments. Wouldn’t it be nice if that person walked up behind you and put their arms around your waste and buried their face in the back of your head telling you that you are everything?

Is this all fairytales? Is this all make believe? Is this even possible to achieve any longer? Am I the fool of fools that is holding out for what I have spoken of? If only this crazy dream would become reality for me, God please bring him into my life, into my arms, into my soul. I need a connection with another deeper than deep, wider than wide and all-encompassing and that’s why I am alone, always to be alone because I refuse to give up on my one and only dream.