Caught You

Have you ever had a dream in which you catch your spouse cheating or maybe the dream leads you up to the door but you do not go in for fear of catching your spouse because you already know they are cheating? I know this sounds weird but people actually do have infidelity dreams and these dreams are telling them that they are having issues not discussed with their partner and through the dreams comes an awakening. The funny thing is sometimes people actually get pissed and want an apology, lol.

Yep, people dream of the infidelity and guilty or not the person is expected to say they are sorry regardless if they are guilty or not. Our dreams tell us so much if we would listen to them and our dreams are the subconscious mind trying to awaken something in the conscious mind. I haven’t had any dreams in a while which is great because my dreams paint a picture of reality and sometimes this happens before the event has occurred which is creepy at times and also scary.

It isn’t comforting knowing things before they happen as most would think and I have begun to wonder if hope comes to us in our dreams as well. I wonder if we want something so badly that we keep trying to talk ourselves out of but in our dreams the hope turns into reality. I wonder why dreams are so simply complicated if that makes any sense to you and I wonder why we dream to begin with, is it another way to let go of shit? Are dreams given to us to keep hope and faith?