We try so hard to live by the good book or at least some of us do and we have so much to offer but few see us and even fewer have any idea what we are about. For once I wish you would look at me, really look at me and not my nakedness, just once I wish you could feel what I feel. I’m a good person with too big of a heart and I know I give too much to the wrong people but that is me, you on the other hand have learned early in life when you were being used and you nipped that in the bud right quick now didn’t you?

I really wish for once you would let go of your fears and do what you really want to do and be with me, if only for an hour but preferably for more. I so wish we could sit and laugh like kids and get silly like we did when we were kids. I so wish you were here with me so I could validate my feelings or dump them at the door as you keep me from moving on and I am always wondering what you are doing, who you are with, if you are having a good or bad day, if your ankle hurts you and so on.

I always wonder why you will not come to me as a friend and nothing more, but that’s right we aren’t friends are we? We are online buddies and I am your personal cheerleader. I would give anything just to see you smile and really feel it. I  would give anything to know that you are really loved by a woman who cares for the real you and I pray that you are always safe and protected. These things I want for you and you alone and you should cut all ties with me and move on or come to me because this isn’t fair, it isn’t right and you know it.

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