People play stupid games and they fuck with people’s feelings which isn’t nice to do as they pretend they care for you and are your friend which is far from the truth. They hack your computer, pretend to be hitting on you and give you false compliments. Some people take the game to another level as they become obsessed with you but do not have the balls to follow through with their feelings or true thoughts. I am not stupid and I know there are people playing these games with me as if I am some kind of complete idiot and do not know any better.

My life has been hard as hell and I do not appreciate people pretending to be interested in me only to lead me on and drop me on my face. If you cannot be a fucking man then get the fuck out of my life because I do not need nor appreciate the false acts of attraction. If you are not standing in front of me then you really do not even exist to me and I am so sick of people fucking with my head and it’s time to stop this type of action. I may remind you of someone you wished you were with or maybe you were in love with and that person dumped you but I am not that person and do not want to be either.

If you think you can control me and get me to fly to see you then you are sadly mistaken as that will never happen, again. I have made some stupid mistakes like chasing after love but no longer will I fall for the games and lies. You can sit back and laugh at me all you want and get off on the fact that you could “control” me like everyone else in your shallow fucking life. You think you are all that? Well if that’s the case then your wife wouldn’t have left you now would she?

You do not appreciate my friendship or care one fucking iota for me so go on and play with someone elses feelings because I am no longer available for you to fuck with. A real man goes after what he wants and doesn’t shy away from it or try to control it and a real man doesn’t second guess himself and play fucking head games with himself. You can replay the scenario in your mind as much as you choose but it gets you nothing now does it? You want to be hero worshipped because that is how you build your ego but I would rather eat a plate of shit than to hero worship you.

Your ego is so fucking inflated you have no idea who you are or what you really want as you fly around the world in your private jet and you do not have anything I want and you cannot attract my attention by your wealth or fame. You are the sorriest excuse of a man who I have ever ran across and I am so tired of your insecure bullshit I want to puke and I am not excited one bit to have you following me like a piece of toilet paper stuck to my shoe. If you have an ounce of decency then leave me alone and get out of my life.

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