I have given my Georgia texting buddy the axe because I do not believe he likes me in the way he has stated to me. I do not believe anyone is attracted to me no matter what bullshit they try to pass along to me. I am so sick of the bullshit and I sit here crying because my feelings have been so hurt. It isn’t right to play with people and when someone has had everything they have ever wanted they become so full of themselves and think they are entitled to fuck with others.

I had another person contact me today and tell me they want me, what a bunch of shit as I was so fucking stupid to fly to NY to meet this person only to be stood up. I will never make that mistake ever again and I will no longer fall for the games and lies. This second I feel like cutting my throat because I cannot stand the pain in my heart and I am finding that it doesn’t pay to care for another person that only gets off when they can fuck with my head and heart.

I am no longer available for the lame and fucking stupid asshole that thinks he can use his knowledge and power to control me and I will not play his games any longer. Like I said before if you aren’t standing in front of me you do not exist and as far as I am concerned you can continue feeding your ego by giving interviews, signing autographs and meeting other rich and famous shallow mother fuckers like yourself. You are mean and hateful and I am sorry your wife dumped you and left you in such a fucked up state but deal with it already.

Grow the fuck up and be mature for once in your fucking life and go fuck one of the other shallow assholes in the world like yourself. I am mad, hurt and I am sick of it so grow some fucking balls and leave me alone, grow the fuck  up and be a man instead of a little boy. You don’t have the balls to meet me so leave me alone and do not think for one minute that I will wait for you because I am not and never will be there for your beck and call like your fucking maid or pilot.

You are so fucked up you do not know if you want to be with a man or a woman so go fuck someone in the ass or get on all fours and spread your cheeks for your cock lover.

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