The Answer

Why do people play with others emotions? Quite simply put the person doing the playing gets a MASSIVE ego-boost to know that they have some kind of a control over you AND your emotions. Basically, its a POWER thing and the person is quite immature. They cannot see their own short commings and they obviously have been hurt by someone and the only thing they can do about it is to build up their own egos by hurting someone else. They do not care about the person they just need to feel superior and by playing with someone’s emotions they get their boost.

Divorce plays a huge part in when playing with another’s emotions as the person is trying to rebuild themselves after being devastated with the divorce process. Men do not do well after divorce and they are more likely to commit suicide or have a heart attack compared to women. Men tend to remarry quicker than women because they need a relationship to help validate them. The man who plays with another’s emotions and sends them off on wild goose chases does this only to build up himself.

When a man acts like that he is in need of therapy to sort out his emotions from his divorce as this is what has led him to act in such a way. He doesn’t care about the other person and has a certain amount of anger towards women in general. He needs to feel better about himself and fucking with a woman’s emotions is the only way he can rebuild himself as a man or so he thinks and in the process he gives away a piece of himself that is vital to his growth as a person.

So while you are hurting and using another to rebuild yourself step back for a moment and think about how you would feel if this were done to you. Think about how damaging you are and how you are destroying a part of the person you play with. When a wealthy person gets dumped they really cannot grasp the real reasons why because they gave their spouse everything materially but they do not realize that isn’t what was needed in the relationship, they disengage from the relationship slowly without even realizing it.

Some say they married to young which is bullshit because there are marriages that have spanned the time of more than fifty years, they didn’t marry to young, they let the relationship grow apart and in different directions. They think by being a great provider is the most important thing which is the farthest thing from the truth. It gets old when one partner isn’t there for family events or to watch their child play a simple game of baseball and this is how relationships fall apart because you must be an active participant and when you are not then you are no longer part of the family fold.

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