It Snaps

I have been sitting here thinking back on prior relationships in my life and the why’s and how’s they ended, most amicably and some I am still friends with to this day. When there is a break up things get ugly usually and we try to save the relationship the only way we know how. The truth is once there is a break up you can never recapture what you once had and you cannot go back and repair the damage. It is true some people get back together but the greater percentage do not make it because what went wrong is always in the back of ones mind.

Some people become totally obsessed with their x as they creep on them, follow them, talk to friends about them so they can find out what the person is doing, read their horoscopes looking for a glimpse of hope of reconciliation which doesn’t happen because the lack of horoscope knowledge. One cannot look at a horoscope and take it at gospel as there are so many different aspects you must understand, along with the rising and moon sign along with the location and houses of the other planets.

A perfect example of love and the astrological signs is my daughter (capricorn) and her x boyfriend (aquarius) this union could not stand the test of time because the differences are to great. Capricorns are born leaders and they do not like to live in another’s shadowl-aquarius is a beat to their own drum sign and not reliable in the main. These two were madly in love but time took a toll on the relationship and it ended badly. Unfortunately for him, he is still trying to get back with her which will never happen because his main fault is he is detached attitude.

It is sad when there is a break up as one person is always pining for the other and cannot seem to move on for quite a while. When they can move on they look for a partner that they will use to make their x jealous but what they do not realize is the x no longer cares who who are with just as long as you leave them alone and stay out of their lives. When both are mature, really mature they can have somewhat of a friendship and deal with each other with respect and acceptance.

Most of the time this doesnt happen and if there are children involved then they become pawns and the adults know they are using their children even if they refuse to admit it. They manipulate their children into telling them what their x is doing, who they are seeing, ect. which is not healthy because you must let go and move on with your life because your x will not take you back. Once the dam breaks in a relationship you can never put the water back and what is lost, is lost forever.

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