Most people love to have smoke blown up their asses as they revel in fake compliments but I am not one to want the smoke or the fake compliments. I get really pissed when people try to tell me things about myself that are lies because they are trying to get on my good side or feel sorry for me and want to build me up. I do not live in the fake world of false words and have no desire to hear them or read them. I have a very clear cut view of who and what I am and do not need to build up my ego.

People that know me, really know me know that I am a no nonsense type of person and they know that any words that are fake piss me off and really make me mad. I may appear not to be confident at times and really down on myself but aren’t we all at one time or another? Don’t all of us see the negative and forget to extenuate the positive?  Don’t all of us see what isn’t so pretty about ourselves at one time or another? I have great days and then I have really bad days just like everyone else so in that sense I fall in the normal category.

I have had two men tell me they think I am attractive and hot but I don’t believe them for all the games that are played online and how they attempt to get me to visit them, like that will ever happen. I have cut both of them out of my life as they are liars trying to build me when all they really do is make me feel terrible. I fell for the first one two days ago but quickly retracted those emotions as I do not believe a single word he says and do not believe a single word anyone says online except the friends that I have known forever.

I’m lonely and that is no lie but I am not desperate and need a man to fulfill me because most men cannot give me what I need and are not man enough for me. It’s very hard to be a strong, independent woman in this world because we are the threat to men as men need to feel that they are the protectors, the bread winners, the man of the house so to speak. If a man wants to be in my life there first must be an attraction and then he must be as strong or stronger than I am or it won’t work.

I have no use for a weak man or woman because I detest weakness in people, people who will not stand up for themselves or others, people who must use, lie and cheat to get what they want out of life. I haven’t been in love in so long that I have become jaded to a certain degree regarding love. I do not believe in happily ever after because it doesn’t exist because people are not willing to put in the work required to keep a relationship healthy and happy and I will never settle for less than what I need.

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