The Hurt

I am very sensitive and get hurt easily but most would never know it as the hurt goes so deep but I do lash out with words and those that have hurt me get hurt much worse as words are like swords and cut deep. You have set me up and laughed at me for so long and you have tried to get me to come to NY so you can stand me up again and laugh at my stupidity. I will never go out of my way for you again and I will never make such a stupid mistake again as well. 

I fooled myself into thinking you cared about me but how could that be when you do things like the above and you play games on my fb pretending to be my friend and then insulting me by talking your sexual crap to me. I’m not one of your groupies that will do whatever you wish and be a puppet for you to play with. You show me you have not a single ounce of respect for me and pretending to be Donnie was just one more thing that has pushed me further away from you.

I have been there for you but you don’t care and I now have finally accepted that I mean nothing to you, absolutely nothing. You do not like having the truth thrown in your face and you are still licking your wounds left by Irina and you will continue to do so for quite a long time. I have no doubt you will buy yourself a woman who will give you the sex your body craves but you will never meet a woman who will keep your mind stimulated and excited because you live in a material world.

I pray for you everyday and will continue to think about you occasionally but you will no longer be in the forefront of my thoughts because I am so disgusted with the way you have treated me. I realize I should blame myself for being so damn needy at one time, but like me you are now the needy and wanting one. You are experiencing everything I have already experienced and the pain is still quite fresh for you, obviously. Accept it, your marriage is over and deal with it the best way you know how because she will never come back, nope she is gone forever.

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