To Experience

The subject that I find most people think is taboo is sex and the majority of the population complain about the lack of a good sex life. Most will not experiment sexually because they have been taught at an early age that sex is “bad, nasty and not to be discussed”. Parents do not talk to their children about sex and that includes the parents of today, the younger parents have a difficult time talking about sex because they are not comfortable with their bodies.

Society has basically trained us to be attracted to thin people which is ironic considering that a large majority of the population fall within the obese category. Sex is everywhere, the radio, tv, movies ect. and there is nothing wrong with experimenting and that helps keep relationships together, especially when both participate. I personally think that there are many people curious about sex with the same sex but refuse to acknowledge these feelings. I am not opposed to experimenting and find it to be exciting.

I have explored many sexual positions and have been involved in a threesome as well as a one time experience with a female. I am not gay nor am I bisexual but do feel that one should always be open to new experiences. My husband would have freaked out if I had ever suggested in bringing a third party into the bedroom because once again, sex was to be strictly monogamous. I think bringing a third party into the bedroom adds so much more excitement and there is nothing wrong with exploring.

I went through a phase after my husband died which left me quite confused as I was unsure of my sexuality and yes I did experiment and found that woman are lovely creatures but I still prefer a man’s touch. When you are secure within yourself then you are able to explore a part of yourself that has been hidden. I think most people wander what it would be like to be with the same sex but are just to afraid to explore that part of themselves. For some reason the thought of two men together just doesn’t do it for me because the thought of one man plowing another’s ass isn’t a picture in my mind I want to see.

I have never understood the desire men have for anal sex and the only thing I can come up with is the ass is tight and after having sex with a woman for a while she is no longer tight and having children loosens her even more. The friction of a tight hole is what gets a guy off and yes I have tried anal sex with my inexperienced husband and we didn’t get to far because I wasn’t prepared and he didn’t know what he was doing. One cannot use the secretions from the vagina to lube up the ass, nope you need much more.

I have refused to live my life wandering about things and I go after the answers I need to quiet my mind and frankly I do not care what people think of me and if experiencing sex with another female makes me dirty and nasty then you need to re-evaluate how you judge people. I think everyone should explore their “dark side” because it makes you a better lover, honestly it does as you learn so much from the experience that you can take into your own life.

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