To Fake

Men have no idea how many times a woman pretends that she is having an orgasm when the fact is she isn’t even close, just doesn’t want to play any longer. Women can fake an orgasm so easily and they do it to make the man feel good and feel like he gave her what she wanted. Men cannot fake an orgasm because when a man has an orgasm he looses his hard on rapidly, while women on the other hand show no signs of faking it until she makes it so to speak.

I do not think a woman should fake it because what ends up happening is she never gets satisfied and then the sex life suffers miserably. Every relationship starts out the same as you just want to be with that person and have sex often but after a while the sex is no longer important to the woman because she has got the man she set her sights on. Women lose interest in sex because we are used to taking care of the kids and the family necessities such as shopping, cooking ect.

I have never faked an orgasm and sex has never been a problem in any of my relationships because I am extremely sexual and this is quite rare at my age as women have so many physical problems associated with menopause. Menopause has a way of killing the sexual desire in most women and our bodies no longer secrete the lubrication that it once did. Menopause affects each woman differently and for myself it has heightened my sexual desires and it makes me crazy as I do not fuck just to fuck.

I have to be involved with the person, know their name and know something about other than they work at xyz. Being attracted to another person makes us either enjoy their company as a friend or we feel a deeper emotion which makes us want to have sex with that person. Romance is so very important and if you are romantic more likely than not you will have a good sex life unless of course you have a physical set back like my husband did. He had no control over his clotting problems and that left him impatient.

The best sex is when both are romantic and want to please their partner and really enjoy each other to the utmost and be willing to try new things. I have tried almost everything sexually accept anything that involved humiliation and pain and I will never involve myself in that type of sexual activity because I do not believe that it is healthy. I firmly believe people involved in that type of sex have some very deep seated issues that require many hours of therapy to sort out.