I believe all of us have our own demons to deal with and yes they can us down if we let them as they control our thoughts and actions. My demons come from my marriage and how I have wondered if I had done this differently or that differently if my life would be different. The thing about me is I cannot lie, steal or cheat because those hidden demons come out to play with my mind and I become guilt ridden as they control every thought when I do attempt to do something wrong.

We open the door to our demons and we invite them in and let them control us at times when we do things we know we should not be doing. We actually build our own prison cell and lock ourself up when we let our demons rule our minds and thoughts. When we hurt other people it’s our demons that have gotten loose and lead us to do some really screwed up things and we get lost in their control. Evil lies deep within each and every one of us but when we succumb to their power is when we reach our lowest point.

Demons are associated closely with the devil and when we do not follow our hearts or thoughts of good intentions then we are letting evil keep us from the very things that we need to make ourselves happy. We let our demons control us and use us when we should be denying those emotions and let good take over and make our lives better. Most would say I have very unorthodox thoughts but that is part of being esoteric or so, so many may think of me that way. I have always found technology and metaphysics to be so interesting to me and so many think I am an oddball but let me tell you these things have helped me tremendously in my life. A perfect example is my car battery as I was jumping my lawnmower battery and I happened to notice quite a bit of acid build up on my car battery.

I got a real bad feeling because I know in several weeks Mercury will go retrograde and that is when we should be repairing, replacing or redoing things in our lives. I went to Autozone and asked them to check my battery and told them the problem. They told me the acid build up was normal and how to remove it, which I already know to use baking soda and a bit of water but I had such a strong feeling that the battery was going bad and sure enough when he checked it, it showed a bad battery. Fortunately for me I was able to pick up on this and sure as shit I know I would have had the battery go completely bad when Mercury goes retrograde.

I know this has nothing to do with demons but it was a perfect example of how I follow what I truly believe in. Our personal demons can swallow us whole if we let them and we must learn to forgive ourselves and the wrongs we have done because if we do not then the demons will win and swallow us in our entirety. When you follow your heart, the demons are flushed away and we can live without the inner fear that we feel and we can move forward in our lives.

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