To Funny

There have been some seriously hilarious events take place in my life and I just had a flashback of one that is at the top of my list. When I was nineteen, my girlfriend and I lived together and she had a habit of not wearing panties but instead wearing pantyhose under her jeans. One evening she was getting ready to go out with her boyfriend, who referred to himself as Superman (not) and as she got ready for her evening with him she did her usual routine of showering ect. I had run up to the store and when I got back she was calling my name as soon as I entered our apartment, she was obviously in a panic and scared me to death as I ran to the back of our apartment into her bedroom. She was lieing on the bed and had gotten herself into quite a mess. She always wore jeans so tight that camel toes could have been her second name as she had actually been crying because she got not only her pantyhose but also her pubic hair caught in her zipper and she couldn’t move, lol.

She begged me to help her and at that time I had long blonde hair down to the middle of my back and as I bent over her all this hair would fall into my face. I could barely get a single finger down her jeans as I attempted to break her free but I had no luck for quite some time. I worked on freeing her for like a half an hour and what ended up happening is my hair got caught in the zipper as I was able to move it an inch or so. So there we were lieing on her bed with my face in her crotch as I tried to free my hair. At the time their was no cell phones and our phone was in the living room and both of us needed help so there we were as I got her legs off of the bed onto the floor and I had to get on my knees and I had to wrap my arms around her waist as we “walked” back into the living room.

She took small steps backwards as I followed her on my knees trying not to rip my hair out of my head and my head firmly placed into her crotch. There was a knock at the door but we couldn’t get to and we yelled for help but her boyfriend couldn’t hear us. The phone rang several times and it was him calling wondering where she was at as he was to pick her up for the evening. After about another half hour we were able to make it to the living room and to the phone where she called her boyfriend and told him what had happened and we needed his help. We waited for another forty five minutes until he finally showed up and as he entered the apartment he started laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes.

He attempted to free me from her zipper pulling my hair in the process which hurt like hell. He had big hands and as he attempted to put his fingers in her jeans he ended up pinching her skin several times which made her scream out. So there we were the three of us trying to remedy the dilemma without any luck and I finally told him to get the scissors and cut the jeans off of her. He wasn’t to bright and started cutting her jeans from the bottom rear which was so stupid. I finally had to tell him cut them from the waste and she was pissed because she loved those jeans, her favorite in fact. He cut the jeans down past her ass and around each leg which finally gave him enough room to slip the scissors between her pubic hair and her jeans and pantyhose.

She was so afraid he was going to cut her and she fought with both of us for quite a while before she gave in but he finally was able to cut them off of her and there I was with the jeans hanging from my scalp. She worked on getting the jeans off of me as I screamed every time she pulled to hard on my hair but she finally was able to free most of my hair so I wouldn’t have a bald spot on my head. She ended up having to cut the remainder of my hair to get me free but luckily there was no obvious damage. When we talk about this event all we can do is laugh because it was so stupid but so funny at the same time and that my friend is what life is all about, the stupid, silly stuff that we do or happens to us.

So Wrong

I have learned that the dating sites online are full of some really sick people as well as scammers as they set you up for failure. I have been on and off the sites for several years now and have found myself a victim of some mean and hateful individuals. They have set me up to meet them and then they have stood me up which is really immature and hateful as that behavior is so damn childish as well. Anyone that says they want to meet you and have you go to a place to meet them and they stand you up, well what can say but what a jerk?

What these people fail to realize is their behavior is going to get them a karma kick in the butt and they will suffer the same that they have done to others. I don’t play games with anyone and do not expect to be played with either but the fact is there are some really screwed up people in this world. They obviously have been hurt and harbor ill towards the opposite sex as if their actions will hurt their x’s, when the fact of the matter is their x’s don’t care one bit and just want them to move on and get out of their lives.

When people split up they do not want the other to be happy most of the time and will do whatever they can to hurt that person. When someone has made up their mind to leave the relationship they may return to try to work it out but their hearts and souls usually aren’t into it and the relationship fails. I have learned from my own split and reunion how things work and what you have to give to make things workout and yes it’s all about give and take. I have also learned the hard way that chasing after love gets you nowhere.

I know deep inside that all in good time the right person will come into my life and I will be happier than I have ever  been in my adult life. I am changing so much for the better as I refuse to get sucked into someone’s game and I no longer chase after anyone. I have no desire to chase or follow anyone and I now follow the beat of my own drum and I am open to meeting all types of people who I once closed myself off to. I’m comfortable in my own skin and I am doing so much better these days as I finally have respect for myself and refuse to let anyone take that away from me.

I recently had someone want me to fly to their state so they could stand me up again, and yes I did go there before only to be stood up. I am not desperate and needy as I once was and if they want to meet me they will have to put themself out for me. Hurt me once, shame on you hurt me twice shame on me so you see I will never fall for that game again and have no respect for those that play those type of games. People that stand up others need to get some help for their anger issues and whatever issues they may have that make them do such a hateful thing to another.

Keep Your Head Up

 Life is full of challenges and no one can get away from what life throws at us, it just isn’t possible. Everybody wants something and some people will go after what they want instead of what they really need. People will sell themselves short and sell out for what isn’t really important in the mainstream of life. What I want and NEED is someone who can appreciate the little things in life, who doesn’t mind walking hand in hand in the rain, someone who isn’t afraid to go it alone and try new things.

I NEED someone who is willing to fight for what they want and need and someone who is secure enough to say they are wrong and own it. Nobody likes to say they are wrong and not everyone is a big enough person to say I am sorry. People must be willing to give in and let go of wrongs done to them and we must learn to communicate and to give as well as to take. When things go wrong some of turn tail and run into a shell because we fear of getting hurt again.

Some of us can be so hurt that we fear opening ourselves up to another person for fear of such pain that cuts us so deep that we get lost in that pain. There is nothing more emotionally painful than losing someone we love and it doesn’t matter how we lose that person as they are gone. When someone departs from our life they take a piece of us with them and we can never get that back no matter how hard we try. Giving up is an option for a short period of time and it’s good to shut down to others for a period of readjustment.

It’s very difficult to open ourselves up again to love once we have been bitten twice shy is generally the case unless of course you are the type that is needy and you need to have a relationship in your life at all times. I’m quite comfortable with who I am and where I am at in life because you cannot force anything to happen in your life. You can do all that is possible to set things up to work in your favor but there is no guarantee it will work the way you want.

If we stay positive and hopeful and if we keep our heads up and look toward the positive good things do happen us and the right person will walk into our lives unexpectically. We can search the world over and not find that one special person because we are looking to hard in all the wrong places. More likely than not the right person is in our own backyard but we never took the time to look. Sometimes, the person we have refused to give a chance is the one that is the person that we have been waiting for all along.

Keep your head up because one day you will have that magic you have been looking for and you will find yourself to finally be happier and more fulfilled than you ever have in your entire life. Don’t give up and don’t close yourself off to love because when you do that you  are refusing the universe to enter and do what it does best. All in good time things come into our lives when we need them and when we are ready for them and you can damn well bet not one single second sooner.