Gabriel I am seriously through with you, I have no desire to be anywhere near you for fear I would catch a disease. You like to play mind games and IRINA left you because she could see what a loser you  really are. Go fuck yourself and Andy M Smith is a fucking joke as is Mara Be. You think I give a shit who fuck and if you make up a gf because you cannot keep a relationship? Haven’t you figured out why the women dump you? It is so obvious look in the mirror faggot lover and go suck a cock and take it up the ass because that’s all you are good for on all fours like the dog you are, fuck off seriously just fuck off btw You can look at c’s pic all you want because you want to suck his cock but sorry he isn’t available for you lol nope he has no interest in your ass but you so want to suck him now don’t you? Keep rereading my posts because you do better with fantasy than reality no woman keeps you for long unless she gets all your material shit, keep buying bitches because YOU CANNOT HANDLE A REAL WOMAN YOU ARE TO MUCH OF A FUCKING LOSER AND PUSSY

How Many

So do tell me Gabriel how many guys have fucked you and how many cocks have you actually sucked? I can see the feminine side of you and am not surprised that you are bisexual because you cannot keep a relationship with a woman so why not go after a guy? You are seriously lame and I am so turned off by the fact that you get on all fours and spread your cheeks for some guy to fuck you. You have lost any interest I once had in you and don’t bother contacting me again.

If Only

Gabriel, if only you would let me help you, if only you would open yourself up and let someone care for you, if only you could accept what is and what is about to then you would smile constantly. I can no longer play your games and this will be the last time I extend my hand to you and if you refuse to take it then I shall disappear forever from your life. Quit the games and controlling or attempts to control because you have no control over my head or heart and never did.

If you prefer to “love” me from afar then you will forever be an empty and wanting man so please let yourself go and enjoy your life. Do you fear that I will reject you? Do you fear that I am to strong for you? We both know that isn’t true and no I would not reject you, only show you what you cannot see within yourself. Let me be your guiding line, shining star and your friend, a real friend without asking for anything in return, not a damn thing. Let me be there for you and to help you my dear.

Hon, life built you up only to drop you and leave you wanting more from yourself as a person. Leave the reporters behind, leave the cameras and interviews and enjoy your life for a change. Let me be your friend up close and personal and I promise you laughter and smiles forever. Let me be someone who cares for the person inside not what and who you were and are. It’s up to you but this has got to stop, the attempts to keep me from meeting anyone else. Do you hate me that much? That you want to hurt me and take advantage of me? What did I do for you to hate me as you do?


For every action there is a reaction even when you see no reaction that is still a reaction and yes I am aware that this sound contradictory but it is true. When someone hurts us our initial reaction is to hurt that person and we strike out at that person and try to hurt them deeper than they have hurt us. When our attempts fail sometimes we look at hurting anyone that is the same sex as the person that has hurt us and at times we will do all we can to push those that care and love us away from us.

People do isolate themselves and distance themselves from those that care for them because they have been severely hurt emotionally and at times feel as if they are not worthy of love. Once we get past that initial pain of the heart we either grow and slowly move on and attempt to make our lives happier or we continue to let our dark side control us. We lash out at others because we do not know how to deal with such pain and misery does love company at times. When we get hurt our basic instinct is to try to understand why, what we did wrong and when we feel as if we have given that person “everything” and they have rejected us there is bitterness that rises to the surface.

Men especially do not take rejection well and they act out in ways that some of us understand and accept. When a man is dumped by a woman he goes through steps of recovery which include doing things to other women he normally would not do. Men will stand up a woman because it’s a form of power and control that he has lost in the relationship that “got away”. He will play with a woman’s emotions as a way to build himself back up again and make himself feel worthy. Doing this to a woman eventually makes the man feel bad about himself and his behavior and he begins to question why he has acted in such a manner. When a man goes through a break up and he is the one left holding the bag his self worth is greatly affected.

He has lost a part of his identity and when he is left for another man, well there in itself lies a serious problem when the male acts out to deliberately hurt another. People do not set out to hurt others unless they have been wounded and then some will plot and figure out ways to extract their own pain by hurting another. When people are hurt emotionally they do push others away from them and when they push and the person doesn’t leave their lives they really cannot understand why. I have been hurt deeply and I understand how to recover and what must be done to let go of wanting to “pay back” that individual. I also understand the psychology of pain and how we react to it and how we do not understand some of our own actions.

When we can no longer inflict pain on our perpetrator we transfer those emotions to another as if hurting someone else will hurt those that have hurt us. It’s similar to people who hoard animals as they transfer their love to their pets instead of trusting in another human being. I never give up on anyone that is hurting because I know pain only to well and what we need is to try to be understanding to those in such depths of pain. Yes, I have been hurt by those that have been hurt and yes I have lashed out at them but I also realize they know not what they do on the conscious level but subconsciously they know damn well what they are doing and do not care because they are hurting so deeply. When you run across someone who is in the mental state you can either walk away or stay for the long haul and attempt to help them get on equal footing once again. Share this: Press This Twitter Tumblr LinkedIn1 Faceboo

A New Day

Ok, Gabe it’s time to stop your obsessive behavior because it isn’t healthy for either of us and you already know you are not going to meet me. Do you have borderline personality disorder? This is something you might want to see a therapist about as your behavior is not of the norm and you know it. I DO NOT LOVE YOU and don’t care if I ever meet you or not as my life is to busy for someone who is as insecure as yourself and you are obviously suffering from a form of rejection and depression.

You have pretended that you were from Georgia and cared for me, you had me fly to NY where you no doubt watched me exit the plane or watched me at the hotel. Do you think is normal behavior? It is not and I cannot help you as you refuse to help yourself at this time. Irina really hurt you but I have nothing to do with that and only you can let that go and move on, which I am aware is not an easy thing to do. Just because you are famous doesn’t give you the right to act this way and it isn’t good for you either.

You want my attention so bad you do not care if I insult you or hurt you and that in itself is an obsession which only hurts you in the end. You are so used to having everyone fall all over themselves for you that you think I should as well but it will not happen as you do not impress in the least. You are above intelligence and obviously very talented in the way of getting people to like you but I do not follow the lead of those types of people. You have NOTHING to offer me in the way of a relationship so move on, let go and be happy for a change.

It’s a new day for both of us and I am looking for a friend first and that is so important to me and unfortunately you do not know how to relate to me or understand what my life has been about. I am not putting my life on hold for you and yes I do plan to be sexually active with another. You do not want to be with me and I already know that but I really do not care one bit because I know that God will bring me what and who I need in all the right time and that doesn’t include you.