Finger A Scammer

Life has turned into texting and dating sites and so many of us do not have the time or desire to go to a bar or other places to meet other people. We rely on the dating sites and the integrity of others to be honest and forth right, which is quite naive. Below, I have listed ways to find out if you are dealing with a scammer and no not all scammers can be fingered but most are not to intelligent and easily spotted.

First, READ really read their message to you and if they say “Am” as in am interested in you that is your first tip off that they are a scammer
Second, save their picture to your desktop and go to upload the pic and tin eye will let you know if the picture belongs to someone else
Third, never add them to your yahoo if they give their contact information as once on your yahoo they can hack your computer and get your info
Fourth, never give out your number to ANYONE that you have not corresponded with for a while.
 Fifth, run a check on or
Sixth, run there user name on google

Seventh, never ever give out personal info such as address, social security number, ect.
Nineth, if they tell you they love you and want to be with you after the second email then they are a SCAMMER-THEY WANT YOU TO USE WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAM DO NOT DO THIS
Tenth- Trace their email-go to view header copy it and then paste it in MOST SCAMMERS CHANGE THEIR HEADER INFO SO YOU WILL NOT KNOW THAT THEY ARE A SCAMMER but it’s worth a try anyway.

There you have it some ways to protect yourself from these type of individuals, good luck and if you need further assistance contact me and I will help you and NO I DO NOT CHARGE OR ASK FOR A GRATITUITY

To Finish

Jeremy my handyman should be finished this week or next by the latest with the repairs around the house. I am now undecided about selling the house this year and do not know if it is for the best because the market is still down. If I sell the house I have very little to pick from of homes on the market as there are so very few at this time. Once Jeremy is done I will be staying at the rv for the remainder of the summer and Shelby will be staying home as she will be working.

Ryan may be coming home for good by the middle of July so until then I will be at the rv by myself, which is fine. I love fishing and the quiet, watching the blue birds and butterfly’s, sitting by the pool and enjoying a bbq and yes it does get lonely but well worth it. I have repairs to make at the rv which will keep me busy and maybe I will see that hot guy I saw a few weeks ago, it was so strange as we looked at each other I could feel that flutter in my stomach, that attraction that is undeniable.

He wasn’t as tall as I like but wow he had those eyes, the eyes that draw you in that are filled with compassion, that are so attractive that you cannot look away. The eyes say so much about a person and I have found when you are drawn into someone elses eyes then there is a connection, an undeniable connection. The thing I really like about the campground is you meet so many different people from all walks of life and you may only have that person or those people for a few days but what a few days you can have with them.

When there is a nascar race at M.I.S. then we get a lot of race fans and I always seem to meet some pretty kool people at that time. The nice thing about campers is they are generally quite friendly and helpful and we always help each other out when need be. I am always helping new campers at the park because I have needed help at times and other campers have helped me. I like to help people when and if I can and my son is exactly the same way because we know what it’s like to be treated less than our siblings.

My weight loss is continuing in the right direction on the scale and that makes me feel good about myself and I like the feeling of something positive happening in my life. I’m eating all the right foods and have eliminated all the junk and pop and now I am just waiting for my knee to quit hurting so I can exercise and start walking again. If I do not say so myself I am pretty damn hot when I am thinner and I have no problem attracting a man’s attention, which of course is something I want badly and will have all in good time.

The Relation Sitter

I have friends that are involved with someone after they have been through a hellish divorce and yes they like that person and their kids like the person as well. The thing that bothers me is the relationship isn’t a real relationship as my friends use these men as sitters for their children. I ended a twenty year relationship with a friend over this because I didn’t think that it was right that she stays out all night bowling and getting drunk only to leave her children with this man.

She was also fucking this man when her husband was dieing and yes he was her husband’s best friend. Her kids were very young at the time and “edge” as he was called was always at the house with my friends husband. I understand what happens to a relationship when one is sick and dieing and yes the sex goes out the window. I do not agree with fucking someone else when your spouse is dieing and I do not care if it is several years without sex as it was with “Becky”.

We ran into each other a while back and all she did was brag about how well her one daughter was doing in school and I congratulated her of course. I never discussed how either of my children were doing because I need not brag to make someone have respect for me. I lost all respect for her when she cheated on her dieing husband and I still cannot understand how she could fuck his bestfriend in her marriage bed while he laid in the hospital dieing. I have experienced the same thing but never once thought about fucking someone when my husband was dieing.

Yes, all of us have physical needs, the need to be touched by another, the need to be loved but it’s called priorities and hers just wasn’t with her husband as it should have been or at least in my opinion. I have a clear set of boundaries, morals and standards that I do not steer away from for anybody and cheating, well cheating really bothers me because it shows a lack of self respect and respect for your significant other. It is one thing to make it clear that you want to see other people but when you are married there is no room for another.

There is nothing wrong with dating more than one person at a time but when it involves sex well I am not down for that as I believe in sex with one and one only. When a relationship becomes sexual then it should not involve dating another as well, but then again that is my opinion and how I roll. If you are dating someone exclusively and want to date someone else then you need to have the talk with the one you have been exclusive with and unfortunately, if you want to be with someone else then you already know that you are going nowhere in the relationship you are in.

I do not think people want to leave a relationship to hurt someone else but by staying we are hurting everyone involved and cheating everyone out of the real happiness that awaits for them. The worse thing you can do is be in a relationship because you fear being alone. Being alone is a good thing as we learn so much about ourselves and what we really want out of life and we do find out things about ourselves that we never knew before being all alone. 

When we are alone we become stronger individuals and we do not compromise ourselves for others, we are able to see people for who and what they are and we build inner confidence. When we lose our spouses we become very needy individuals and we try to fill that void as soon as possible because it is so painful to be alone that first year. What we do not realize is we are hurting and hurting anyone we get involved with but some people just cannot be alone.


You are the one that has followed me for years now as I helped build you back up after Irina dumped you even though we do not sleep together you have gotten more from me than the one you currently are using to fill your needs with. You are the one that insisted I know your real identity as if you could buy me like everyone else in your life and you have been out of the dating game so long you cannot see that the one you are using is using you as well but she is much better at it than you.

You think she doesn’t want to marry you? LOL of course she does and if she is smart she is playing a real good game of catch. What woman wouldn’t want to marry a billionaire? What woman wouldn’t want everything her heart desires? What woman wouldn’t love to receive gifts and told sweet lies? LOL the woman who doesnt want to be bought and paid for because they already know that the price is way to high and definitely not worth it. It’s so much better being with someone than no one, right? It’s so much better to fill your hours with someone who doesn’t make you happy then to have to jack off night after night, right?

You do a disservice to the both of you but it is all good for now isn’t it? So you buy her shit and that is supposed to make up for your lack of emotional involvement? You buy people because you do not know how to just someone like you for yourself and you have sold yourself for pennies on the dollar. Do not expect me to be your “friend” or your plaything as I am so done with your shit and games and I have finally seen you for who you really are. Do not contact me because you cannot be a friend, you do not know how to be anything but what the media has portrayed you to be. 

I wish you much luck and success but you will never have either in your personal life because you do not know how to be real and truthful to anyone and that includes yourself. You cannot hurt me no matter how hard you try because as far as you are concerned I have built up a callous to your games and bullshit. While the two of you are weaving your webs I just stand back and laugh because both of you are fakes and phonies.

Keep reading my posts because that is the closest you will ever get to me as I have no desire to meet you. Don’t you think it isn’t right to be reading what I right while she sleeps in your bed? Do you not think it is wrong to read my erotic stories while she is in your home? Do you not see what you are doing to yourself as well as her? I am not jealous that you have her because you will never love her and that is a fact, she is nothing but your filler and neither of you will ever get what you really need from one another because you have gotten all you can from each other already.

She is nothing more to you than a fuck and you know it, yes you may “like” her as a person and not want to hurt her but you are wasting both of your time by using her and you damn well know it. You have gotten so deep into it with her you do not know how to get out of it without hurting her and you will hurt her as you have built up the expectation of a long life together with her. When you fuck a woman for about six months then she starts seeing a permanent future with you even if you only see each other every few weeks or so, o yes this woman sees a future with you that’s how much she really knows you.

You are far from ready to remarry but then again you hate being alone so you will play the game now won’t you? I already know you are not going to stay with her and I already know you will NEVER marry her but it’s good to have a piece of ass that you can call on when you need, now isn’t it? I already know we shall never meet and I really do not let it bother me or care because what I need is a real person that loves me for me and you are not that person.

Thank you for teaching me not to let my walls down for a player like yourself and thank you for keeping me from dying of boredom. We both know that we have been each other’s saving grace for so long but it’s time to move along now Gabriel, it’s time to get real, shit or get off the pot so to speak and you will not shit so begone with you. You will no longer control me and manipulate me for your own pleasure as I am really tired and fed up with your games. Meeting me would be to real for you and you cannot handle a woman of my caliber because you have never been with anyone like me and never will.

 Don’t you feel one bit guilty reading my stuff and following me when she is right there? Doesn’t it bother you one bit to fuck her fantasizing that it is me?  Do you feel any guilt at all? The one I feel sorry for is Shamel, yep poor boy is a token in your game of love and he deserves so much better but you cannot see this as you waste time with a woman you do not love and never will, damn wake up already Gabriel, wake the fuck up.


People string each other on for a variety of reasons, men especially are insecure and if they are stringing you along it’s because they are involved with someone else but are not happy in that relationship. Some men need to be in a relationship to validate themselves and yes they will try to keep you on the line as a back up to make themselves feel better. They do not care about your feelings and have no intentions of ever meeting you but keeping in contact with you builds up their ego.

After a man has been dumped he feels very poorly about himself and needs to build himself back up and by continually telling you that you are pretty or sexy is a way to keep your attention. He is less than honest with himself or the person he is currently involved in and you are nothing but a substitute for his lonely hours when he cannot be with the one he is really involved in. Just as he plays with you he is being played with at the same time as the woman who lies next to him at night is plotting herself.

What better way to get a man then to not be available all the time to him and have your own life and this my friend is where he gets trapped without even knowing it. She will pretend to just love his kids when the truth is she would like nothing better than to see him without kids. She acts understanding about the father child relationship but she really doesn’t want the kids around even if she has kids herself because her kids are hers of course and they are part of her world but his kids are nothing but a road block at times.

The man who leads a woman on and plays games with her does this because he can and he gets something out of it if she continues to have contact with him. He will never meet her because he doesn’t have enough self worth built up in himself and he likes to play games with her when she gets mad and blows him off. The easiest way to hurt someone is to pretend you like them and then not act upon it and men as well as women do this all in the name of ego.

People will insult each other and push each other away but for the most part we come back into the relationship as if we had a fight with the person and forgave them. This is all a form of control and manipulation and if you are being strung along you can bet the person is in a relationship but not happy and they are waiting for the other shoe to drop and the relationship to end. You also filled the empty space in their lives when they cannot be with the woman they are involved with.

You are nothing more than a “filler” for their boredom and the woman who wants to marry a man will keep herself unavailable as to keep him pursuing her and eventually want more and will commit to her in marriage terms. The worse thing anyone can do after being dumped especially by a spouse is to get involved with someone else to quickly and build a relationship for months or a year or even longer because what happens eventually is the relationship sinks and both are hurt.

If you are being strung along you must realize this person has problems and maybe even mental problems, they must get their egos stroked, they enjoy manipulating and have no intention of ever meeting you. They will do things to keep you at their side especially if you are on dating sites. They pretend to be someone else and pretend to  like you and then drop you so you come running back to them even though they will not meet you and you can bet the person they are really with has not a clue what is going on as they are playing their own game.

Just remember they do not care about you, it’s all about feeding their own egos and has nothing to do with you pursay, men do this a lot because it’s obvious they have been dumped and are still trying to come back from the disappointment. This generally happens when the wife divorces the husband as men cannot deal with rejection as easily as most women can and he is generally using the person he is with to make his x jealous.

He gets sex and a good time but emotionally there is no connection that will last the test of time and then he likes the woman but doesn’t want to hurt her by dumping her. He will not marry this woman and generally isn’t happy in the mainstream of life. Men will have sex with one woman while wishing he was with another woman, the one that occupies his mind constantly because she has become his fantasy girl.

 It’s very easy to read the signs if you only take the time to pay attention and he will also keep a distance that you will never be able to build a gap and you will never get any closer to him than he lets you. The saddest thing about these types of relationships is when children are involved because they are used as pawns even if the user doesn’t see it that way. Kids will tell their parents anything to keep them happy, even that they like the person that their parent is dating but the truth is the kids can see clearly when their parent is really happy and when they are not.  

It’s also easy to see when the one you are dating are playing your kids, the signs are there you just have to open your eyes and look. If something doesn’t feel right to you then that in itself is a sign. Gifts are another sign, when someone buys your child a gift they are trying to by that child’s affection to get to you, to make themselves look pristine and the perfect full time partner which is so far from the truth.