People string each other on for a variety of reasons, men especially are insecure and if they are stringing you along it’s because they are involved with someone else but are not happy in that relationship. Some men need to be in a relationship to validate themselves and yes they will try to keep you on the line as a back up to make themselves feel better. They do not care about your feelings and have no intentions of ever meeting you but keeping in contact with you builds up their ego.

After a man has been dumped he feels very poorly about himself and needs to build himself back up and by continually telling you that you are pretty or sexy is a way to keep your attention. He is less than honest with himself or the person he is currently involved in and you are nothing but a substitute for his lonely hours when he cannot be with the one he is really involved in. Just as he plays with you he is being played with at the same time as the woman who lies next to him at night is plotting herself.

What better way to get a man then to not be available all the time to him and have your own life and this my friend is where he gets trapped without even knowing it. She will pretend to just love his kids when the truth is she would like nothing better than to see him without kids. She acts understanding about the father child relationship but she really doesn’t want the kids around even if she has kids herself because her kids are hers of course and they are part of her world but his kids are nothing but a road block at times.

The man who leads a woman on and plays games with her does this because he can and he gets something out of it if she continues to have contact with him. He will never meet her because he doesn’t have enough self worth built up in himself and he likes to play games with her when she gets mad and blows him off. The easiest way to hurt someone is to pretend you like them and then not act upon it and men as well as women do this all in the name of ego.

People will insult each other and push each other away but for the most part we come back into the relationship as if we had a fight with the person and forgave them. This is all a form of control and manipulation and if you are being strung along you can bet the person is in a relationship but not happy and they are waiting for the other shoe to drop and the relationship to end. You also filled the empty space in their lives when they cannot be with the woman they are involved with.

You are nothing more than a “filler” for their boredom and the woman who wants to marry a man will keep herself unavailable as to keep him pursuing her and eventually want more and will commit to her in marriage terms. The worse thing anyone can do after being dumped especially by a spouse is to get involved with someone else to quickly and build a relationship for months or a year or even longer because what happens eventually is the relationship sinks and both are hurt.

If you are being strung along you must realize this person has problems and maybe even mental problems, they must get their egos stroked, they enjoy manipulating and have no intention of ever meeting you. They will do things to keep you at their side especially if you are on dating sites. They pretend to be someone else and pretend to  like you and then drop you so you come running back to them even though they will not meet you and you can bet the person they are really with has not a clue what is going on as they are playing their own game.

Just remember they do not care about you, it’s all about feeding their own egos and has nothing to do with you pursay, men do this a lot because it’s obvious they have been dumped and are still trying to come back from the disappointment. This generally happens when the wife divorces the husband as men cannot deal with rejection as easily as most women can and he is generally using the person he is with to make his x jealous.

He gets sex and a good time but emotionally there is no connection that will last the test of time and then he likes the woman but doesn’t want to hurt her by dumping her. He will not marry this woman and generally isn’t happy in the mainstream of life. Men will have sex with one woman while wishing he was with another woman, the one that occupies his mind constantly because she has become his fantasy girl.

 It’s very easy to read the signs if you only take the time to pay attention and he will also keep a distance that you will never be able to build a gap and you will never get any closer to him than he lets you. The saddest thing about these types of relationships is when children are involved because they are used as pawns even if the user doesn’t see it that way. Kids will tell their parents anything to keep them happy, even that they like the person that their parent is dating but the truth is the kids can see clearly when their parent is really happy and when they are not.  

It’s also easy to see when the one you are dating are playing your kids, the signs are there you just have to open your eyes and look. If something doesn’t feel right to you then that in itself is a sign. Gifts are another sign, when someone buys your child a gift they are trying to by that child’s affection to get to you, to make themselves look pristine and the perfect full time partner which is so far from the truth.

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