To Finish

Jeremy my handyman should be finished this week or next by the latest with the repairs around the house. I am now undecided about selling the house this year and do not know if it is for the best because the market is still down. If I sell the house I have very little to pick from of homes on the market as there are so very few at this time. Once Jeremy is done I will be staying at the rv for the remainder of the summer and Shelby will be staying home as she will be working.

Ryan may be coming home for good by the middle of July so until then I will be at the rv by myself, which is fine. I love fishing and the quiet, watching the blue birds and butterfly’s, sitting by the pool and enjoying a bbq and yes it does get lonely but well worth it. I have repairs to make at the rv which will keep me busy and maybe I will see that hot guy I saw a few weeks ago, it was so strange as we looked at each other I could feel that flutter in my stomach, that attraction that is undeniable.

He wasn’t as tall as I like but wow he had those eyes, the eyes that draw you in that are filled with compassion, that are so attractive that you cannot look away. The eyes say so much about a person and I have found when you are drawn into someone elses eyes then there is a connection, an undeniable connection. The thing I really like about the campground is you meet so many different people from all walks of life and you may only have that person or those people for a few days but what a few days you can have with them.

When there is a nascar race at M.I.S. then we get a lot of race fans and I always seem to meet some pretty kool people at that time. The nice thing about campers is they are generally quite friendly and helpful and we always help each other out when need be. I am always helping new campers at the park because I have needed help at times and other campers have helped me. I like to help people when and if I can and my son is exactly the same way because we know what it’s like to be treated less than our siblings.

My weight loss is continuing in the right direction on the scale and that makes me feel good about myself and I like the feeling of something positive happening in my life. I’m eating all the right foods and have eliminated all the junk and pop and now I am just waiting for my knee to quit hurting so I can exercise and start walking again. If I do not say so myself I am pretty damn hot when I am thinner and I have no problem attracting a man’s attention, which of course is something I want badly and will have all in good time.

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