What If

What if I met you and there wasn’t an attraction? What if I felt nothing? What if you totally turned me off? What would happen if my fantasy disappeared into air? What if you didn’t like me? What if you didn’t feel an attraction to me? What would happen if all this were to be true? I have these fears, yes they are frightening and scary but not knowing is scarier and more painful than the feeling of your rejection.

What if I met you and felt that pull you rarely feel with another? What would happen if I were to fall into your eyes and into your soul? What would happen if your touch was electric? What would happen if we talked and talked and never wanted to shut up? What if we never wanted to part? What would happen if these feelings happened between us? What is the absolute worse thing that could happen? The worse thing that could happen is I would be happy, you would be happy finally and we can finally see the beauty in the meadow before us.

What is the thing you are most afraid of? Being happy or being let down again?  If you never take a chance then you will never know and neither will I so take a chance and I bet you will be glad you did.