I Guess

The only way to get a man’s attention is to be half his age, be a barmaid or waitress, want kids, want his money and to tag along on the ride of fame, cheat on him when he isn’t around and play him for the middle aged fool that he is, lie to him, fuck and suck off other guys looking for a husband, come every time he calls, fuck him when she doesn’t want to, be his personal pet, kiss his ass, suck up to his kids, be used to make the x wife jealous, be arm candy, be whatever he wants her to be and forget being herself.

Yes, this is what some men want and realize when it’s to late the woman who would fulfill them isn’t there any longer for them and when they tire of pushing the stroller they find themselves all alone, yes this is what some men obviously do not realize that they are headed for, o well not  my loss, I may be damaged but I have overcome so many trials and tribulations that the baby girl has never experienced because she hasn’t lived, she prefers to prostitute herself in exchange for material shit and the luxury’s of life.

This young one wants marriage,kids and to suck off the wealth and fame, she is playing the marriage game and waiting for the ring and wedding, she sucks up to the kids and plays them for all they are worth just to get on his good side, she is a fake, a phony, a liar and a cheat. What does this woman do for men? They make the x wife hate the x even more because he is acting like a child himself and no the x doesn’t want him back but she doesn’t want her kids exposed to the May/December relationship because she knows the little girl is used for jealousy and sex.

Then there is a real woman somewhere that cares for the man not the legend but she isn’t good enough for him and she sits back and laughs at his behavior because she has experienced this before and knows the game only to well. He thinks his little girl is faithful but she isn’t by a long shot and she is sucking another’s cock when her meal ticket isn’t around, does he care? Of course he does so he begins to show her more attention but not enough, she wants to live with him and she can see the relationship is shallow but materially interesting at best. While he is flying around the world she is fucking another and fools himself into thinking she is faithful to him and him alone, how sad but true.

He talks to her on yahoo or skype under a fake name and he gives her a phone number of a phone he seldom uses because when he cuts her out of his life it will be an easy transition, no drama and she cannot contact him and cry and beg and play the pity card. He is never totally honest with her as he looks at other women and fantasizing about them, he wants to play the game but he wants to keep a mature woman on the back burner which doesn’t last long because the mature woman moves on and leaves him to lick his wounds.

They cannot relate to each other because of the age and inexperience but it’s fun and makes them feel good and then the bubble bursts, someone gets sick of playing the game and gets tired of the lack of mental stimulation, the sex gets boring because she lacks experience in anything other than spreading her legs or opening her mouth. She lies in bed weighing the pros and cons of the other guy she is sucking off and she begins to wonder if it is worth it. He begins to tire of the routine sex and the bullshit conversation that becomes empty and boring and this is how it goes…….