Real Love

What does real love mean to you? Is it the gifts you receive or is it based on the bills someone else pays for you? Real love is self sacrificing, it’s when we do for others because we want to and we want them to be happy. Real love is doing the little things for someone else and it’s thinking about that person all of the time.

Real love doesn’t have a price tag and can never be bought, borrowed or stolen and when you feel it you just know it. When we are in real love we are able to look past another’s faults and short comings and we do not judge them so harshly. We accept the things that we do not like and we work at the relationship.

Real love is not sex as anyone can spread their legs for another but some people confuse real love with lust and filling their loneliness. Everyone wants love and everyone wants someone they can trust explicitly, someone they can confide in and bare their soul to without fear of rejection. Real love is caring for someone else without expectations, giving from the heart without fearing you will be used.

Real love is out there for each and every one of us but some of us have been so wounded that we fear letting anyone close to us. When love is a hurting thing is when we learn so much about our partner, the very person we trusted shows us a side we never knew existed even though it was always lurking in  the dark.

We get hurt and we draw back and into ourselves as we lick our wounds and try to carry on. Real love can be so painful that we shut down and do not let anyone else in. But then something magical happens as we mend our broken heart and we finally do let someone into our lives, someone who shows us that it’s ok to love again, to open up again, to share again our lives.

The worse thing we can do is not allow someone into our lives that makes us happy, someone who makes us laugh, someone who is willing to give us what we need. We deny people like this to enter our lives and it isn’t fair to ourselves as that one person could make our lives completely different, they could give us what we have needed for so long but our fear deny’s them and that is when we make the biggest mistake of our life as we live in denial of our feelings for another.

When we lose our partner we go through a period of time that we are alone and we do not want to be alone of course so we get into a relationship that only fills our hours but not our hearts. We try to suffocate our pain by spending time with someone new but deep down we know that we will never be fulfilled with this person.

We know that they are nothing more than a part of the healing process and one day we seem to wake up and say to ourselves “this is not what I really want , this is not fulfilling”. We begin to look elsewhere for the person we have waited for our entire lives our soulmate, the true love of our life and yes that person does exist.

That person could be in your life at this very moment but you are just to afraid to move forward, you fear being hurt again and you fear trusting again. That very person could hold the key to opening up your entire world but the fear of reaching for their hand is so strong that we pull back from the flame for fear of the fire.

I have realized that life is to short and if you meet someone you  really like, I mean really like well hell go for it because that person could disappear in a blink of an eye. There is someone out their that loves us even when we do not love ourselves and that one person, yes that one special person could show us how to be happy again, if only we would let them.