Love You Back


The wind howled

The shutters slammed

The rain pelted my face

My skin grew cold

My heart closed off

I turned my back

On my past

I walked through the door

slamming it shut behind me

Never to look back

At once what touched me

Life is good

Life isnt always fair

But life is life

And death is death

Acceptance is all we can do

We can’t change the loss

We can’t wipe away the pain

I remember the day

The very day he left me

The emptiness and sadness

But now I am happy for him

He is happy finally

But am I???

To Forgive

I have forgiven myself

For not being perfect

The perfect wife

The perfect friend

The perfect lover

The perfect one for you

I have forgiven myself

For not giving you everything

For not opening up to you

For not listening when I should have

I have forgiven myself

For not loving you enough

For not being able to save your life

For not being the perfect mother

For not being the perfect me

I have finally forgiven myself

And now I can finally move forward

With someone new

Because not only have I 

Forgiven me

I have forgiven you