I already know that these next few weeks will expose what needs to be replaced, repaired or redone as Mercury is retrograde. We packed up the car to head to the rv for the weekend but first had to drive an hour to pick up Ryan. Once I got to Ryan the car wouldn’t start again and the battery light had been on for two days.

I took the car in and they told me everything looked ok and possibly the wiring from the alternator to the battery could be bad and not to worry about it. Ya, dont worry until your car breaks down on a major freeway and it’s 80 degrees outside. So yes, the alternator took a drive and it cost me $150.00 dollars to get towed home.

The alternator costs another $140.00 but there is no place open on the fourth of July who could change it for me so here we sit at home hoping someplace is open tomorrow and maybe get the car fixed and head back to the campground for the weekend. Ryan is going to be coming home for good the middle of this month and we are getting along very well even though he still pisses me off at times and I him.

My focus is rebuilding my family and possibly meeting someone new as it looks promising in my chart and Im ready to let someone into my life. It’s taken the last two years for me to deal with the loss of my husband and the guilt and responsibility I have felt for our failing marriage. I have forgiven myself as well as him and that is what has been needed for me to move on.

It’s not good to carry your baggage into a new relationship if you haven’t dealt with the things that haunt you. I have dealt with everything finally and ready to open myself up again. It takes time to put to rest the pain we feel and the disappointment but once we can life gets so much better and happier.