Did You?

Did you ever want to wake up in the arms of someone who just made you happy by being themselves? Did you ever want to smile when you thought of that person or feel giddy just by standing next to them? Did you ever want someone who was constantly on your mind and in your heart? There’s a word for that feeling, yes there is.

I want to feel that crazy feeling you get when you are so attracted to someone, I want to feel those feelings that you get when you have a connection with someone and yes I want to laugh and giggle like two kids. There’s a word for those feelings, yes there is but I am not going to tell you what that word is because if you don’t know what it is by now you will never know.

I want to do so much for someone else and maybe I am old fashioned and totally outdated but I want to slowly run my hand down his cheek and onto his chest as I look deep into his eyes and feel that connection that only the two people who belong together feel. I want to do for someone so badly and I do not need them to do for me because I am a giver.

I want to be intoxicated by his cologne, the smell of his hair and the touch of his lips, Im a romantic and a dreamer and I know this is all possible and I know this is what I need to flourish and grow. I want to give someone so much of myself but it isn’t that easy to trust someone with my heart but Im so willing to try and maybe one day, yes one day I will feel those lips upon my own.