To Be Intimidated

Women have forever been intimidated by men because of the violence factor that a man has the ability of displaying against  the woman. Men have the ability to “mold” a woman by the threat of violence and then there is the “beauty” factor. The “beauty” factor is when someone’s physical appearance draws the attention of many other women and the woman feels intimidated because she fears losing her man to another prettier female.

A man who is normally quite confident may feel nervous around an attractive  woman with whom he desires a relationship. Whenever it is important to make a good impression it will cause anxiety and nervousness. A good example is when a man who has communicated online with a woman for whom he has developed strong feelings, he will be nervous meeting her because he doesn’t want to “blow it” and lose the good thing that has developed by doing or saying something to offend her.

The difference between the sexes is a woman will take the chance on a man while a man will feel to intimidated to take the first step and in the end he loses the very woman he wants to be with the most. A woman will give a man a chance to “catch” her if the attraction is there and a woman will and does admire a man who is willing to put his ego on the line to meet her.

Women will play the cat and mouse game for only so long until she either gets bored with the game, it is destroying her emotionally or she has met someone else. Women and men alike will never continue playing a game if it serves no purpose in their lives. Women feel as if they are being toyed with when the fact of the matter is the man fears being rejected especially if he knows he cannot impress a woman with worldly things.

Men tend to rely heavily on what they can give or produce for a woman and when he finds that one woman who doesnt want his materialism then he is stymied as what to do next or how to make a good impression. Most people will take what they can get from another and not think twice but when you come across that one person that wants nothing from you, well how do you handle that situation?

I’ve got a secret for you, it’s not what you can give someone materially that attracts that person to you, it’s what  you give of yourself that means everything. When you give of yourself then you are giving something quite rare and unique and that is what a woman really wants, that’s if she cares for you and about you. Men have been programmed for years that women want “something” from them.

May it be flowers, gifts, candy or whatever men are taught that all women want something material from them. Men fear that the woman will reject him if he shows her himself, the real self because he doesn’t feel he is “good” enough for her and she will walk, leaving him holding his dick in his hand and feeling like a fool. The man who is to insecure and intimidated by that one woman will always feel like he has lost someone wonderful because of his own insecurities.

Women will walk away when they feel they are accomplishing nothing with that one man who holds their attention and they will look elsewhere for the intimacy they need. Intimacy is what women really want and when she gets that from a man then she feels accomplished and quite happy. You may lead a woman on for years but then the dam will burst and she will be washed away by someone else and yes she will walk and when she begins to have feelings for someone else, well then the man standing there will be left in the lurch and it will take quite a bit of work on his part to get her back.