To Just Know

Have you ever met someone who you just clicked, something just meshed??? Well, I have waited for years to meet that person and I have met someone who appears to have lived a similar life of mine as far as loss. I have wanted to meet someone intelligent and funny first and foremost and I just wanted to meet a regular guy, no one rich, no one famous, just a regular guy.

I’ve been chatting with him for the last several weeks but really never thought anything would come of it but he finally pushed me into accepting a lunch date with him today. I met him at the gas station up the street because I didn’t want him to see my home or know where I live. He rented a car from metro services and it came equipped with a driver which is standard as my neighbor uses the same company.

He asked me yesterday if I liked fresh maine lobster and I told him that I like lobster but never had fresh Maine lobster so I assumed we were going to have seafood at a local restaurant. To my surprise as soon as he picked me up he asked me if I could spare several hours and I said yes not being aware that we would actually be going to Maine for lunch. I mean who does that? Who in the hell just flys off to lunch in another  state?? 

He is 6’2″ handsome as all get up and such a gentleman but most importantly he is funny as hell and super sexy. I was quite shocked when we entered the private plane section of the airport because I don’t meet many people who own their own planes and this is the second time this has happened. What was really funny is he asked me if I minded if he jumped in the shower as he had been in meetings all day.

Who in the fuck has a shower on their plane??? This was the craziest date that I have ever been on and as he showered I kicked back and watched some boring tv. He came out fully dressed to the nines and smelling so good I just could have eaten him up. We sat and talked about our families and he has lost his entire family as well but in a more tragic way. His family was meeting in Tahiti on Christmas and the  plane crashed killing his entire family including his younger brothers and sisters.

We were able to talk about our losses and we both feel the same losses which was a mutual connection for us and he told me about his job or should I say career and other things and we laughed. Yes, we laughed and laughed and it was so easy, so comfortable, so natural as if I have known him forever. He wasn’t putting on any airs and was just being himself which was the koolist thing.

I asked him why we couldn’t have lunch locally and he told me he wanted to impress me and that blew my mind because I never expected him to be that secure and honest. I told him I really appreciated his efforts but he didn’t need to impress me to get my attention and I would prefer he just be his usual self. As we ate a wonderful lunch the conversation was so exciting and interesting and he kept my attention every second.

We walked hand in hand and laughed and got silly which was so awesome and then we went back to the plane where he asked if I minded if he changed. I told him only if he was going to put on some shorts and a t-shirt so he could be comfortable. He went and changed and sure enough he came back out with shorts and a t-shirt which made me laugh and laugh.

He apologized that I didn’t have clothes to change in and I told him I didn’t mind that I was fine. We sat next to each other talking and out of nowhere he put his hand on my cheek and turned my face to his and kissed me. I felt that kiss all the way to my toes and it felt so good and so right for a change. We made out like what seemed to be forever and he asked me to go to bed with him.

I looked him in the eyes and told him that I couldn’t do that because that wasn’t me and he said that was fine, which surprised me. This guy can have any woman he wants and he could get laid every day without any problems but he respected me and I like that alot. We had such a great time and he wants to go out again, maybe on Thursday or Friday and so I shall see.

I know this is the man that I want to be sexual with, this is the man that I want to touch me, this is the man that I want to laugh with but is this the man that I want for a very long time? Who knows, it’s to soon for me to make that call but one thing I do know is I have made a wonderful friend and I do enjoy is company and he is just a real down to earth guy that has treated me very well.

I have put my life on hold waiting for someone else to step up to the plate and he hasn’t and I doubt he ever will and meeting someone new has finally turned my attention to someone that appreciates me for a change. You can never force someone to meet you, be with you and if they don’t make the effort, well it’s time to move on and look elsewhere, which I have and I thank God I have met this man.


When we have suffered a heartbreak

We must heal ourselves and move on again

We must be brave

And open our hearts

So we can love and

Save that one

That rules our mind

All the time

We must be brave

And reach out to them

Before they disappear

Into the arms of another

We must be brave

To love again

We must open up

And let them in

If we don’t they

Will walk off into 

The night

With their arms

Around another tonight

Let us  be brave

And step forward

Grab their hand

And steal them onward

If we are not brave

We will lose that

 Very one that 

truly does care

So be brave