The Greatest Pleasure

The greatest pleasure to me is when someone gives me their time and that is what I finally have in my life, a man who gives me of himself. I have spent literally hours on skype talking to this special man and the more I talk to him the more I am drawn to him. He is hard to describe other than he is pretty damn special to me, anyway. He has taken the time to  meet me, skype me and talk to me on the phone.

Most people you meet online are full of shit, fakes or scammers and he is none of these, nope he’s the real mccoy-a man’s man, a gentleman and someone I have learned to really like. Im in no hurry to jump into bed with him because that isn’t me but don’t think I haven’t thought about it long and hard, no pun intended. He kissed me yesterday and made my toes curl so that alone tells me there is something there.

It’s not his money or power that attracts me, it’s him just being himself and being funny and kind. We have met only once but there was a connection that I thought I would never feel with another man but I have. God lets us be alone for reasons only he knows but he also brings someone special into our lives when we need it the most. I  have been alone for so long but it looks like that has finally come to an end.

I will play this by ear and take it day by day and see where it goes but it looks like it is going to head down the yellow brick road soon enough. I am no longer someone’s second best, someone’s part time fun or someone’s toy and that feels good. I can finally leave the person that has been on my mind for years, yes I can finally leave him to his own devices and he will no longer hurt me.

I allowed myself to get emotionally wrapped up in someone online I have never met nor will I but those days are behind me because I am happy. When I am happy I bake cookies and shit as you know and I laugh and sleep well for a change. I so enjoyed waking up with my new man on my mind instead of the other one and I go through the day feeling happy and excited about the next time we will be together.

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