What They Want

A man looks for several things in a woman depending on his goal at that moment. Men like sex and cannot live without it but they do not look for sex when looking for a wife. When men are looking for a girlfriend they are looking for a good time type of girl. Someone that gives them sex and is entertaining but when looking for a wife, well that is a different story all together.

Men need their ego’s inflated but not with false inflation, no they want and need the truth but they also need someone who will push them to be there very best. Girlfriends generally do not look past the sex and free meals as well as gifts. A woman who wants to be a wife will look past all that crap and look into your very soul. She will want for you to be happy and content and to challenge yourself.

In today’s world women are still looking to get married and they are looking first in the purse so to speak. Women will have sex with several men at the same time as she dates several men looking for that marriage partner. Women in today’s world lack morals and ethics as do men and yes they will fuck one man in the morning and have dinner with another that evening.

If a woman doesn’t get a committment from a man within the first six months of the relationship you can bet your bottom dollar that you are not getting her all, in fact she is sharing her all with several other men and she will always make time for the man that she can get  the most from. There are so few women that will not jump into bed with a man on the first date or even the second and that type of woman is hard and rare to find.

If you find a woman who respects herself enough to  keep her pants on for the few days or longer than you have a keeper and you better snatch her up because those type of women are extremely rare in this day and age. Men actually tend to date only one women at a time when they get past the player stage of their lives but women, well women will use her body at every turn and she will fuck just about anybody that feeds her a free meal.

I realize I do not fall into the average woman category and maybe it’s because I was raised in a different time and place and maybe it’s because I do believe so strongly in God and I do have ethics and morals. It’s not that I am a frigid woman, o no by far I am not frigid but I respect myself enough to want to be more than someone’s convenient fuck and yes women know when they are just that.

Women will continue to see a guy if he is a good time and giving her things and yes she will fuck him to keep her pockets padded or to experience a lifestyle way above and beyond her own. This type of woman is waiting in vain for that ring on her finger and this type of woman lacks what a man wants in a permanent partner but she is so ignorant she doesn’t quite get it and thinks she is making progress when she is nothing but a cheap fuck.

Men will enjoy this type of woman until he tires of her and he will because she doesn’t offer him the things he wants most from a woman. These type of women are a good time and nothing more, not at all the type of woman a man wants to spend his life with. Women are basically shallow and they play so many games in hopes of roping in a man and dragging him down the aisle, but what really happens is he tires of her and he finally walks away for good in hopes of finding that one woman he truly wants to spend the rest of his life with and yes that is what a man is looking for, permanency.

Happy Happy

I have been so unhappy for so very long and I never really thought I would ever meet anyone anytime soon that would change that. Well, guess what? I was surprised by a very special guy that  treats me so good I just do not know how to act. This man invited me to his home in California but that didn’t sit to well with me as it would have been the second time we have spent time together.

I thought to myself, wow if I don’t go he will blow me off but if I do go I will hard pressed to have sex with him and that isn’t something I was willing to do so early in the dating game. It’s not that I do not love sex, no I absolutely adore sex and pleasing a man sexually but there has got to be more for me. To many women are ready to jump in bed with a man as if that is all they have to offer and a woman who will fuck a guy anytime he wants, well she is after something that is a given.

I felt bad telling him I just couldn’t go with him at this time and I told him it would be great to spend time with him but it has to be close to home right now until things possibly solidify between us. I told him that I do not sleep around or with men that are sleeping with other women and he told me he wasn’t, do I believe him? I do not know it’s just to early to tell but I am not comfortable having sex with him.

He has offered to get a hotel room for the weekend and we can hang out which is exactly what I was hoping would happen because it shows me he wants to be with me for me not just sex. I’m so excited I could pee myself because nothing this great has happened to me like ever so yes I am looking forward to this weekend. We have talked about going to Ohio for dinner and to Canada to do dim sum and out to Ann Arbor for the street fair.

He obviously plans on keeping me busy and occupied and that is exactly what I want, good food, laughter, sillyness and enjoying each other in a natural setting without the pressures of having to pretend to be someone we aren’t, which would never happen with me anyway. I really like this guy so much and he is making me forget about someone else that has been on my mind for years.

If you want to forget somebody the easiest way is to meet someone who you really are attracted to and someone you want to spend time with. I will never forget the other guy but I will no longer focus on him and let him make me feel like shit about myself. This new man of mine is always complimenting and the compliments are genuine and from the heart and that is what makes my world go around.