The Tease

What an absolutely fabulous evening I had and without a doubt at the top of the great moments of my life! I didn’t know I could enjoy someone’s company so much and I had forgotten what it felt like to throw caution to the wind and just have some damn fun for a change. Last night was so much fun I doubt that I will ever  have another evening rival last night but who knows what today will hold?

We went to a restaurant I really like in Ohio, Mancy’s, it is a very rare occasion that I go there but it is a nice lowly lit restaurant that serves excellent steak and I was feeling steak last night. We drove the forty five minute drive chattering like to best friends that hadn’t seen each other in quite some time and it was such an easy conversation and so exciting for me because I do not talk to many people on a day to day basis.

We entered the restaurant and to my surprise we were led to a very secluded booth as the place was packed as usual on a Friday night. Francisco had called ahead and made arrangements so we would have some privacy and to do that for me made me feel so damn special for a change. I never feel special but he has that something I am always looking for in a man.

I no longer date American men because they are classless assholes for the most part and they have not a clue what romance is about, no American men drop their pants and want a blowjob then fuck you and call it a night. Latin men are so different from my experience and there is something about Latin men that attracts me like a bear to honey. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have met such an awesome person but God brought him to me for some wonderful reason and I  am eating it up with a spoon.

We had a wonderful dinner and the conversation was so damn stimulating for a change that the beginning of the night was great. Once we finished dinner we headed out to Ann Arbor to check out the street fair which is always awesome and the artwork is so unique and different. Francisco bought several pieces of beautiful art and we continued to enjoy the evening walking the fair hand in hand.

We were quite aways from the car when the sky’s started turning that ugly color of a storm and the wind picked up so strongly he had to hold on to me by my arm so I wouldn’t blow away. We walked briskly towards the car and the heaven’s opened up and it poured, I mean poured like I haven’t experienced in quite some time. My sheer top clung to my naked breasts and you could practically see the veins on my breasts as my nipples became cold and erect.

We reached the car and I was freezing from wearing clothing that was soaked and we headed to the hotel as it was closer than my home. I followed him into his room and he went to change clothes and to get me a towel. I was so cold I began to remove my wet clothing and as I was removing my wet panties he walked out of the bathroom to find me naked and wet. I looked at him and just laughed and went running to the bed and jumped under the covers to warm myself.

He sat next to me and said “you know this isn’t fair, you’re naked and I am dressed” and I told him that he was more than welcome to join me but he had to remove his clothing. I made it clear to him that I would not have sex with him but if he wanted to cuddle I was up for that. He removed his clothing and as I enjoyed the view of his awesome body I began to fantasize having sex with him.

He slid in next to me and put his arm around my wet hair and I cuddled up to him placing my knee just above his groin. He was definitely excited and I could feel his hard on on the backside of my thigh and we began to kiss. The kisses that are slow, romantic and not hurried or rushed in anyway and I began to run my hand over his chest wanting to go further down but refrained myself.

We continued to kiss and roll around the bed until he was on top of me and I told him no I wouldn’t have sex with him so he slid off and laid next to me and told me I was driving him wild and it was all he could do to  keep from making love to me. Believe me, I felt the same way but I just would not have sex with this man as it was to early in my book and I didn’t want to be labeled another fuck in his book.

We turned on the tv and started watching some movie as I cradled my head on his chest and fell into a blissful sleep. I hadn’t slept that good in so long and wow what a good sleep can do for you! I woke up to find him putting jam on a piece of toast and he moved my hair from my face with one hand and brought the toast to my lips with the other. I took a bite and threw the covers back as I had to pee as I always do in the morning.

He had a towel wrapped around his waist as he had taken a shower and let me continue to sleep. He was a very early riser which is common of businessmen I suppose but he was so kind not to wake me up as I had told him I have a hard time sleeping well. We ate breakfast and I jumped in the shower and came out to find my clothing had been washed and dried and laid out on the bed for me.

This man was so kind, so understanding and such a gentleman and that isn’t a common thing in this world. We made plans for today to head to Canada for a late lunch and I am going to show him some kool spots in Detroit and we will spend the day doing some site seeing and enjoying the day together. I am so enjoying his company and he has my full attention and it feels good to actually be spending time with a real man, a real person for a change.

I have let myself spend so much time online talking to men that I had forgotten what it really felt like to be with one and yes I am with a real man who I admire and really enjoy. I had someone ask me out online yesterday but had to say no because I already had these plans with Francisco. I am not putting all of my eggs in one basket and yes I will date other men as well as Francisco but I will not have sex with them and I will always be prepared to buy my own dinner if things go south with someone I am on a date with.

Life is good for a change, I am happy for a change and I am moving on and looking forward to tomorrow and what it may hold for me. No more waiting for someone who will never show himself, no more tears because he is fucking someone else, no more carrying about him or what or who he does. No more of him and that makes my life very happy and fulfilled for a change.

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