Old School New School

As far as relationships I am an old school woman who embraces new school ways as I like taking care of a man but I also like my freedom. I would rather see someone two days a week and be ecstatic to see them then to be with someone seven days a week and not enjoy every minute I spend with them. I prefer to cook from scratch and to sit at the dinner table across from each other enjoying discussing the days or weeks events.

I prefer to do for my man and I prefer to make out than to fuck all of the time, I feel that foreplay is so important to a relationship in fact more important than having sex because foreplay involves lots of kissing, touching and exploring. I would never tell a guy that I would fuck him anytime he wanted because that would devalue me as well as the time we spent together.

Any woman who will fuck you anytime you want isn’t worth the time it takes to take off her clothes in fact she probably disrobes without a blink of an eye. I look down on those women because they do not value themselves enough and put quite a low price tag on themselves. A man will keep this type of woman around only for sex and a good time and that is something I refuse to let myself be labeled as.

I take  a lot of naked pictures and yes I post them for all to see because I am not embarrassed or feel ashamed even though some men will think I am an easy woman it doesn’t matter to me because I know I am not. I recently had someone tell me they loved me and wanted me to take the pics down yet they barely know me and never have met me, so there is no reason to take them down.

The man I am currently dating has seen my pics and looks at the quite a bit from what he tells me and he hasn’t asked me to take them down as of yet. Maybe it’s because we haven’t seen each other but a few times and I think he feels as if he doesn’t have the right at this time to ask me to remove them. He has told me he does enjoy looking at them and yes it bothers him that I have posted them but he and I are to new in the dating scene to request anything from me.

If he asked me I would remove them but only if I knew for sure that we were monogamous and that comes only with time. He travels quite a bit and I do not know him well enough to know if I am the only one or if there are others in other cities. I am not going to ask him because if he wants to be with me then he has to tell me I am the only one without me asking.  I had a great time with him this weekend but I am not holding my breath as far as when I will see him again.

He works seven days a week sometimes and his time is very limited and he asked me if I wanted to get together sometime next week and of course I said yes. It’s nice to date someone with money as it takes you out of your normal element but it doesn’t matter to me if we go out or stay in as long as our time is spent enjoying each other. His touch is so soft, so gentle and so loving and that is why I love latin men so much.

Latin men are normally raised in big families with tons of love and affection and they express that when they are older. Francisco has those handsome, tall and dark looks that are known of latin men and his lips are so soft like satin and he is such a damn good kisser and that is what I like about a man. A man who can kiss me and make me wet just by those kisses gets my vote every time.

It’s nice to have a man closer to my age than all those young men that hit on me or pretend to hit on me online. I do not date men that are more than ten years younger than I am because  I feel as if they are not on the same wave length as I am and that is so important to any relationship. It’s important to have the same value system and to have the same likes and dislikes to the most part.

I can not date anyone that doesn’t keep me mentally stimulated first and foremost because it is so true to seduce the mind first will always seduce the body. It’s important for me to date strong, intelligent men because I am a strong and intelligent woman and I refuse to sell myself short to the highest bidder like so many women do. I am in no hurry to remarry if I ever do so that alone keeps me safe from getting hurt to badly, or so I think but most women are desperate to marry for security but not me as I refuse to use anyone for financial gain and that alone is what most women  look for in a man.

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