Everyone Does It

I know it is wrong but all of us are guilty of doing it, what is this it you might ask? Well, it’s jumping to conclusions or making assumptions and I have done just that recently. Francisco wasn’t treating someone the right way in my opinion and so I ended up giving him the cold shoulder until we finally sat down and talked about “what my problem was”.

He said to me, you know things were really heating up between us and then the deep freeze came out of nowhere so would you like to explain to me what is bothering  you? So, we sat down and had a nice chat and he explained a few things that I was totally unaware of. Once we talked it was quite easy for me to validate his behavior and to eat some crow.

I feel like such an ass for not talking to him before making an assumption and I think I am learning that communication is the key to making good relationships and misunderstandings would be far and few between if we just spoke to each other and actually listened. It’s been so long since I have been alone it’s hard to adjust to another person being around but when I do see him it’s fun.

The difference between dating a man and dating a woman is a woman will slowly move her shit in without you even noticing, she will go through your medicine cabinet, your nightstand, cellphone, personal papers, you name it because most women are really insecure. Now a man, hell he won’t waste his time doing that shit but he will pay attention if he feels threatened in any way.

This dating is for the birds but is actually beginning to be quite a bit of fun and I think I like dating and getting out and about for a change. Even though he works a hell of a lot he has made time to talk to me everyday and to skype which makes me very happy. There are no games with him, no bullshit, no lies as far as I can tell and I do hope we keep moving in the direction we are currently headed.

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