Just Insane

I have had the most extraordinary time since I have met Francisco as he is what every woman dreams of and I cannot believe that he is so attracted to me. He treats me like Im a damn princess or something and I am not used to it as he is always pulling out my chair, opening the car door, asking me if I need anything and so attentive to me. He is always holding my hand and hugging me like I’m a cat or something and it feels so strange as Im not used to it at all.

We had another fantastic weekend as we went to Toronto for dinner, lol, this is just so wild and crazy and his lifestyle is something out of a magazine. He has a push button tie rack, pants and shirt rack on his plane and nobody would believe it if I told them what I have been experiencing. I have seen more things that I have never seen before since I have been seeing him and some is impressive I must admit.

He asked me what my favorite meal was and I told him it was a toss up between a great steak and ribs so we flew to Toronto and I had the best damn steak I have ever eaten, Kobi beef totally rocks and is so damn good but outrageously expensive. We drank champagne, which I never have had and it was alright but not for me but the dinner, omg it was just so good.

This man has so much romance about him that I am having a difficult time keeping my pants on but I’m just not ready to take that leap into the sack as of yet. It’s not that I don’t want to, no that isn’t it at all but there is something holding me back and it’s called doing me and me only. I just do not know how I end up with these type of men but I do and it shocks the hell out of me.

He has asked me if I would like to go to Greece on a yacht he is going to rent but I do not know about that ┬ábecause that smells of sex, sex, sex and I don’t know if I want to take that leap as of yet. Who in the fuck has money to rent a yacht? This is so far from my meager lifestyle that it seems to be too much to fast and I feel as if I am spinning and yes it is nice but I also know that if he wasn’t in my life I wouldn’t be living this way and if and when we are no more I will be right back at where I started from so I am just enjoying the ride while I can and when it ends if it ends then it’s over.

I haven’t shared any of this with anyone because it just seems to good to be true and no one would believe me anyway because those in my life know I do not live that type of lifestyle and neither do they and I have no doubt someone would be asking me to get something from him for them and there is no way. I refuse to take anything from him but a meal and I will not let anyone use him either, people are just that way and you have to be protective of the one you are with.

I wondered why God would have me care so deeply for someone who I will never meet and now I think I know why, so I would be available for Francisco and so I could experience all this new stuff. It is impressive but even that only goes so far as he spends 99% of his time on the computer or the phone and I spend my time playing games on the computer and just kicking back.

I’ve been asked out by another guy that I have chatted with and since Francisco and I are not monogamous I will go out with him. He’s not rich, not famous and a regular guy but I would like to go out with him because there is something I really like about him. Francisco and I have discussed seeing other people and we have agreed that we are free to see other people and so I plan on dating other guys which will be a first for me as I usually do not date more than one person at a time.