Why We Do

Do you do things that you wonder why you do them? Some people bite their nails because they are nervous or chew on their hair and then there are others that like to follow people because they are creepy and insecure and need to know that persons every move. Then we have those that get off on watching women undress and they watch through the window at night.

Then we have those that fall into the creeper category as they follow you online, hack your computer, fantasize about you, reread over and over posts and look at your pics over and over. These people do this because they are attracted to the person but cannot understand why because the person isn’t someone they would normally wish to meet or ever be with.

The creepers want to be with the person so bad but are just to insecure to make the move on the person for fear of rejection or being insulted and called out on their behavior. They do nothing but make the person of their desires feel inadequate because they cannot understand why the person will not meet them and they feel as if they are inferior and not good enough for the person to meet.

The truth is they are none of the above in fact quite the opposite and that is what makes them so appealing to the creeper. The creeper doesn’t want their victim to meet anyone else because they have convinced themselves that they will one day meet the person but they need more time to build up enough self esteem to make the move and the fear is so great that they will be rejected that they are held back by themselves.

In some cases, when this behavior goes on for years these two people are soul mates and belong together but there are to many unanswered questions for the creeper to move forward that they are to fearful to make a move but these two individuals eventually do end up together. The sad thing is that so much time is wasted on the games and the creeper is so unsure of themselves that they really do not know what to do so they do all they can behind the scenes to keep the person that is the object of their affection tied up and unobtainable to others that may have an interest in them.

What ends up happening is the creepers victim gets tired of the games and does move on, leaving the creeper with nothing but air in their hands and fantasies in their minds. No one stays in these type of relationships because they are harmful to both individuals and are not healthy in the least bit. So if you are a creeper you better make a move on your victim before they are gone forever from your life and you have nothing but regrets.

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