Once In A Lifetime

How many people meet very wealthy people when they themselves are not wealthy? Not many I can assure you  but every once in a while the middle class does rub elbows with the wealthy. This is where I have found myself, dating a very wealthy man who feeds me meals that I normally would never be eating, traveling to places that I normally would not be going to and seeing things that I normally would not be seeing.

It is fun, yes it is a lot of fun and I so enjoy seeing new things and experiencing new things with someone new but is it all I would or could ever want? How many women want a rich man? LOL, almost all women and how many women want to be treated the way I have been treated by this man? LOL, most women of course but no one person can give you everything you need in life.

Yes, you can get security and yes you can get all the material crap your heart desires but is that enough? Is it enough to have the Bentley and mansion? Is it enough never to have to worry about where your next meal is coming from or that your bills are paid? Is that enough for you? Well, I find it could never be enough for me because I need something more, something intangible, something that only comes from within.

I require more than a physical attraction, more than money or what money can buy, I know so many would love to be in my shoes currently but I know this lifestyle is not all that its cracked up to be or at least not for me or maybe it’s just that something is missing. I really like Francisco but there is that one ingredient that is missing, I do not know what that is but I do not feel it with him.

He makes me feel wonderful but I need more than wonderful and unfortunately that “it” just isn’t in the mix with him which makes me sad. I want a committed relationship but I’m in no hurry and I know Francisco isn’t able to give me what he doesn’t have within himself, that soul mate quality that I need in my life. No, Francisco is not my soul mate he is just another man who I am skipping through life with and I feel like I’m drinking a flat soda and I hate it.