Make The Move

Are  you interested in someone but have no idea how to approach them? Are you afraid they may reject you? Do you fear that someone else will snatch them up and you will miss out on the opportunity to meet that person? Do you feel as if that individual is your soulmate, your other half, the one you have waited for your entire life? How would your life be if you never did meet them?

I can remember being afraid to meet someone that I was so attracted to because I didn’t feel that he would ever want to be with me and so I played stupid, silly games until I lost my chance and he hooked up with someone else. They ended up getting married and raising  a family and then the big D ended their relationship. Unfortunately for me I had married also and was raising a family at the time.

I wonder to this day what could have been what would have been and I kick myself in the ass for not going after the man I loved and new was perfect for me. I just could not destroy my young children’s life or so I thought that is what I would have done if I had gone for the big D.  I look  back and I constantly wonder where my life would be today if I had hooked up with him and now I cannot go back and find out.

If you ever wonder if that person you think of is for you I urge you to go for it because we do not constantly think about another person for no reason, we do not dream of that person or wish we were with them for no reason. There is fate and there are soulmates but you have to go for it because shit just doesn’t happen without someone doing something to move things forward.

There is someone I have thought about for years and I do feel that he is my soulmate but I cannot force his hand and I can do nothing to make him step up to the plate. He has got to want to do that himself, he has got to make the right moves and he has got to get his head out of his ass and come to me, make a move on me and make an attempt to see where we would go together.

I’m smart enough to know my soulmate but I will not sit around collecting dust waiting for him, I am meeting other men and enjoying my life and the time I spend with them. I don’t need a rich man I just need a man that will love me as much as I will love him and share our lives together making beautiful music. Even a roofer can make me happy as I am currently experiencing.

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