No Longer

I no longer care that I have an online stalker because he no longer takes up any space in my brain as I have replaced him with a real man. This stalker seems to think it’s funny to lead me on but he no longer has that power or control over me so I guess his life is going to be pretty dull. I doubt that I am the only person he stalks and plays games with and that’s fine because he can keep playing with the others.

He has made virtually impossible to track him online and he thinks he is so damn smart but he really isn’t because an intelligent person wouldn’t waste time on leading people on or playing head games with them. He has no idea how much damage he has done to me or anyone else or how much he has hurt me. But he is in my past with the rest of the shit that I refuse to carry forward.

I am very happy for the first time in my life and I do not need a wealthy man to give that to me, just a real man who knows how to treat a lady and who has his shit together.  He has led me to believe that he was once famous and that is all a bunch of shit as well. The man he has pretended to be would never act like this stalker has or so I hope he wouldn’t.

I no longer believe anything that I once was lead to believe and I no longer wish to meet this person because I have found that they are not worth my time. He has played so many mind games with me because I have let him do to my situation. That has all ended now and I am moving into a better phase of my life and I am so much happier, so thank you stalker for keeping me occupied but I no longer want you around and you are nothing but a pimple on my ass.

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