Just a Touch

I have always been attracted to men with long hair and I think it’s because the only man I ever loved wasn’t a man at all but a boy of 16 when I was in high school. Tony Giannola was his name and he had was an Aquarius male with long black hair and brown eyes. His hair was so straight and soft to the touch and he was romantic as all get up. We dated and broke up and after high school I ran into him again and had to fight those feelings that had gone dormant for years.

I knew I could never get back together with him because he had hurt me so badly years prior and I refused to let him or anyone that close to my heart again. Unfortunately, the love of my life was murdered when he was about 20 and the killer was never caught. Tony was into drugs from what I heard and his death was brought on by the drug of cocaine in some manner.

Everytime I think of the man that I want to be with, he’s a man with long hair or a man with short hair with a touch of grey. Many men color out the grey because they think it makes them look old but to me it makes them look sophisticated and desirable. Men with a touch of grey are handsome to me and some of them even appear to be intelligent, which they are.

I have blonde hair and will never have that touch of grey as blondes don’t go grey, they go white. My great grandmother had blonde hair and it turned white as she aged and she was beautiful even in death. So many people color their hair, get plastic surgery or liposuction but me, well what you see is what you get and I am not changing anything about myself for anybody.

Yes, I realize I am over weight but I am doing something about that and yes the weight is coming off slowly but surely. I like to feel sexy and I do but I feel so much more sexy when I am not carrying excess weight and I look better as well. I have never changed a thing about myself for someone else but I have been influenced by someone because I want him to look at me and be attracted to me even though he already is.

Yes, I know my intelligence is what attracts him , lmao and I have no doubt he is attracted to me for my brain power and not my boobs, lol. What man isn’t attracted to boobs? Men love boobs and maybe it goes back to when they were breastfed who knows?

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