What She Looks For

I love men, men are fun and they make me laugh which is so important to my life. The type of man who attracts me is tall, handsome, has that touch of grey, sophisticated yet funny and silly at the same time. Someone who is self made and driven to a certain degree, he is adventurous, romantic, sensual, sexy, intelligent and I can learn from him. I like men that aren’t intimidated by me and a man that can exalt me as I do him.

I don’t care what he does for a living as long as he has a job and enjoys what he is doing and he must have what I have or more. I do not have a lot so expecting a man to have as much as I do isn’t asking a lot of him. Men see my home and think I am well off but little do they know that I am not so I do not let just any man come to my home. I did bring Francisco here because the kids weren’t home and I prefer it that way.

I like men that wear fitted clothes, especially shorts and a t-shirt and someone who is just  a regular guy. I’m not asking too much and I am getting my own body in shape because I feel better for one and I want to feel good about myself once again. My husband didn’t care what I looked like and when I lost weight he put me down because he didn’t want me to look good obviously.

I need a man who can build me up but also help keep me real, which isn’t to hard to do as I am pretty real already. I want to meet someone who I have that special connection with, someone who I know is part of me, someone who knocks my sox off. I like the men I am seeing now and one is almost perfect but just not that perfect fit and I already know it.

The way you act on the first date sets the tone for the future and both men have tried to get into my pants without any luck. One of them has actually told me I would be begging him to have sex with me within a month, lmao. He treats me like I’m more of a challenge to fuck then to be with and that is already showing through the cloth so to speak. Newsflash, he will never get me into bed because his arrogance just slammed and locked the door on him.

I may appear to be arrogant myself but I really am not and I do not feel that I am better than anyone else but I do expect a lot from myself and yes I am my own worse critic. I do not need anyone putting me down because I can do that all on my own. I have been told that I am way to hard on myself but if I am not then how can I better myself? I try to improve on myself and I am doing just that.

I enjoy both of the men and each has something different to bring to the table but I do like spending time with them but I do not see anything I would consider serious ever happening. I refuse to settle for less than what my heart cries out for but I also refuse to sit on the sidelines and wait for Mr. Right to come knocking on my door. I know the perfect man, my other half is out there and I will meet him one day soon hopefully.

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