Where Is My SoulMate?

I have a deep  belief that most of us have a soulmate and to me a soulmate is the twin to your soul. It is your perfect partner, one whom you feel a deeper connection to than anyone else. You can also call it true love. Some people have different beliefs about a soulmate. Some people believe that a soulmate is a lover from a previous life. Others think that a soulmate is a piece of your soul that was placed within another person. That is why you spend your life looking for the other half.

Whatever you happen to believe, a soulmate is more than just simple physical attraction. It goes deep and can make you more complete than any crush or infatuation. The connection is like a woven thread and it is undeniable, indescribable and unique between two people. You can date people and feel a connection but you know that they are not your soulmate, or at least I know.

I know my soulmate is out there somewhere and we will be together one day but when will that day be I have no idea. I feel his presence and I feel his touch and maybe that is what keeps me from having sex with anyone else. I want to feel him inside me, beside me and I want to be engulfed by him and him alone and this may sound crazy to most but that is what a soulmate does, they become part of you.

It’s like puzzle you have put together but you are missing that one piece that completes it and I am incomplete and without completion because I am not with my soulmate. Francisco and Mike are fun guys and I am attracted to both of them but I know they could never complete me, I know neither one will be permanent and I know they are only in my life to teach me.

I know when I meet him and I whisper the words that I love you to him that they will come deep from within my heart and the words will never be uttered unless they are true and from my heart. My soulmate will fulfill my life and give me what I need as I will do the same for him and when he utters those words of love to me he will mean it as well and we will be happy, finally.

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