Being Silly

Do you need a good laugh? If you are in need then watch qvc as they try to sell you something like a lotion. LOL my daughter and I are sitting here listening to the lady talk a mile a minute about this lotion she is selling, o yes it smells fantastic and you can buy it today here for only 22.95 what a savings! If you purchase this wonderful lotion anywhere else you would be paying 29.95!

Here’s your opportunity to have a lovely smelling lotion today, yes today only at our special price so I urge you to buy it right now before we sell out! This product is fabulous and you will draw the attention of men like bees to honey, a dog to a fire hydrant, lol. We are also offering you today and today only our celluite remover that goes wonderfully with this fantastic vanilla lotion.

Yes, today and today only you can rub off that cellulite and then moisturizer with vanilla lotion and yes you will be the bell of the ball, the woman of the year, the snatch every man wants, lol. Ladies and men, yes even men can benefit from our lotion and cellulite remover, hey we don’t judge men, make your man want to climb you like a tree and shake your branches, lmao.

Today and today only we offer you the highest of quality products found nowhere else at such a wonderful price. Hey, if you take a look at the beautiful packaging you can see you will not be wasting your money as you can reuse the gift box when you regift a gift! Yes, order now before we sell out and yes we have already sold 15,00000 bottles of our lotion and cellulite remover.

That is what it sounds like when you listen to infomercials and yes I did ad-lib a bit but Shelby and I make fun of these people when we are beyond bored. My daughter is funny and together we could have our own comedian show I swear we could. We are so bad as we make fun of the overly feminine gay guy but come on, haven’t you ever met a queen that was over the top?

We are just bored and do what we need to for a laugh and yes we are funny and crack each other up but isn’t that what life is about? Laughing and enjoying your children and being silly? Life is so much better when you can be silly and enjoy yourself especially with your kids and yes my kids are funny and I love seeing them laugh and I love it when I can make them laugh and they can make me laugh. So, get it on with your kids and be silly!!!

Money Or Love

I could so easily marry a wealthy man but I do not love him and that is what I consider to be important in any relationship. Yes, I could live among the rich and famous in California and yes I could rub elbows with the well known but that isn’t what I want. I just want to love and be loved, live on a farm and have my own little garden, I just want to sit on the back porch with the one I love holding hands and just being one.

We can so easily be deceived when we meet someone new as they put their best foot forward and hide the things they know someone else would not like about them and the things they do not like about themselves is also hidden. I have a huge pet peeve and that is when someone invades my privacy and communicates with my friends basically telling them to back off.

I discovered Francisco was telling one of my fb friends to basically screw off and he was reading my email, this really burns my ass because he had no right to be chatting on my fb and he definitely had no right reading my email. My email is mostly spam but I did receive a document from my attorney and I found Francisco reading it. I told him how I felt and now I am not speaking to him and do not know when I will talk to him again over this.

Mike is still MIA so I think he and his wife have gotten back together which is great for him because he is such a great guy and he deserves to be happy. Francisco on the other hand is showing signs of jealousy which is totally unwarranted and he is also showing his “rich boy” attitude which so turns me off. I do not care how much money you have because you should always treat people the way you want to be treated and not look down on them.

Francisco seems to think he is better than most people because he wears custom shoes, clothes ect. and he has expensive things. I was raised very poor and even though I am surviving and have more than most I have never forgotten where I came from and what life was like being dirt poor. I do not want to be rich and it’s nothing I hope and pray for because the rich have more problems than the poor from what I can see.

The only dream I have is to be walking on a beach hand in hand with the man I love and he turns to me and tells me he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Is that asking too much? Ok, forget the beach then and just tell me you love me and want to be with me forever, now that isn’t asking too much now is it? There is only one man that makes my heart pound and ache at the same time and I will wait forever for this man because he is my love, he is my soulmate and he makes me feel alive.

The Only One

The pain my heart feels is so drowning me as all I think of is the man who consumes me, he knows how much he is in my heart but I am not good enough for him to spend time with. I do not know what to do or what to say any longer as I cry at night and during the day all I want is to be with him not someday but today. We cannot make another love us or come to us and if I were dieing would he come then?

Would it take my death for him to realize we belong together? Would it take my demise for him to let himself be with me? I have other suitors but they are not him and never will be and no matter how I try to replace him in my life, I seem to always fail. This is my soulmate, my true love, the man I am supposed to be with and I feel it so deep within my heart and soul but I do not know how to bring him to me.

He hides from me for unknown reasons to me and this hurts me so as I do not know how to touch him, to open him to the one person that loves him for himself. He wants me with no other but refuses to come to me so what am I to do? I cannot sit and wait for something that will never happen or so I feel even though we are meant to be together he fights it like a boxer in a ring.

I have a man who can buy me the world but I do not want his purchases, I do not want the material things he has to offer, all I want is the man that holds my heart and he hides the key to the lock so no one else can get in. Does he not know he is what I know is love, does he not know that I am his forever? Does he not care how my heart aches so to be with him?

He posts pics on his facebook so I am never to forget him as I see the pics on my newsfeed and it hurts me so as I want to wipe away the sadness in his heart and I want to engulf him in the love I have for him. why won’t he come to me? If I were thin would he come? No, if I were prettier would he come? No, if I were not damaged would he come? No.

NO NO NO is the answer I get from him and I want to be able to love someone and to share my life with another but he wont let go and I cannot move on. I pretend it is his kisses, his touch, his laughter but it is not him and never will be. He hides under a rock, he hides behind the doors that are locked, he is watching me move into anothers arms and does nothing to stop it, so I can only assume he doesn’t love me and never will.

The Only One

He has my heart

entwined in barbed wire

I cannot love anyone else

Which makes my life

similar to a tire

I go round and round

Looking for someone

I can love

But I cannot let go

Of that special one

He owns my heart

He controls my thoughts

I cannot sleep because

He is in my dreams

He is my reality

He is the one

I really love

Never to visit

Never to sit together

This is my hell

Because I know

He is the only one.