Being Silly

Do you need a good laugh? If you are in need then watch qvc as they try to sell you something like a lotion. LOL my daughter and I are sitting here listening to the lady talk a mile a minute about this lotion she is selling, o yes it smells fantastic and you can buy it today here for only 22.95 what a savings! If you purchase this wonderful lotion anywhere else you would be paying 29.95!

Here’s your opportunity to have a lovely smelling lotion today, yes today only at our special price so I urge you to buy it right now before we sell out! This product is fabulous and you will draw the attention of men like bees to honey, a dog to a fire hydrant, lol. We are also offering you today and today only our celluite remover that goes wonderfully with this fantastic vanilla lotion.

Yes, today and today only you can rub off that cellulite and then moisturizer with vanilla lotion and yes you will be the bell of the ball, the woman of the year, the snatch every man wants, lol. Ladies and men, yes even men can benefit from our lotion and cellulite remover, hey we don’t judge men, make your man want to climb you like a tree and shake your branches, lmao.

Today and today only we offer you the highest of quality products found nowhere else at such a wonderful price. Hey, if you take a look at the beautiful packaging you can see you will not be wasting your money as you can reuse the gift box when you regift a gift! Yes, order now before we sell out and yes we have already sold 15,00000 bottles of our lotion and cellulite remover.

That is what it sounds like when you listen to infomercials and yes I did ad-lib a bit but Shelby and I make fun of these people when we are beyond bored. My daughter is funny and together we could have our own comedian show I swear we could. We are so bad as we make fun of the overly feminine gay guy but come on, haven’t you ever met a queen that was over the top?

We are just bored and do what we need to for a laugh and yes we are funny and crack each other up but isn’t that what life is about? Laughing and enjoying your children and being silly? Life is so much better when you can be silly and enjoy yourself especially with your kids and yes my kids are funny and I love seeing them laugh and I love it when I can make them laugh and they can make me laugh. So, get it on with your kids and be silly!!!

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