Elvis Presley loved southern cooking and he loved pound cake as well so since I’m in a happy place I am baking again. I decided to make pound cake muffins because Ryan is eating too much and I have better portion control. These muffins seriously rock but I can only have like a 1/4 of one because I am in serious weight loss mode. I do my walks twice a day and when the weather cools I will be joining the local rec center because they have a walking track, weights, basketball, a pool and other stuff.


I am going to lose this damn weight one way or the other and the walking is something I enjoy and when the kids go with me it’s a nice time as I  catch up on the bonding. Francisco is out of the country and I am not feeling it if you know what I mean. I absolutely abhor the ring he gave me because I am a simple woman who wants nothing but a simple gold band but not Francisco, he thinks bigger is better which it isn’t. I just cannot marry him at this time if ever and I have got to make that clear without hurting him.

He is scaring me wanting to get married so quickly and we talked about a pre-nup which is fine with me because I do not want anything that doesn’t belong to me. He’s a hell of a guy and so damn smart it is scary and yes he is hot, hot, hot. He’s a great guy but I’m just not ready to take that leap and besides I cannot get someone else out of my mind which isn’t fair to Francisco. He doesn’t know the depth of my feelings for this other person that I have never met and no doubt never will so I have got to get over this man first.

How can you care so much for someone you have never met? How can you have feelings of love or what you think is love for a mystery man? How did I manage to get so wrapped up in someone that doesn’t want to be with me? How do I let go??