The Call

Mike and I spent the day at the Dream Cruise which is so kool as the cruise is all about older cars, I love the Shelby it’s a sweet ride for sure but so many cars are really neat looking and the glass packs or so loud like they once where driving down the street. Mike got back with his wife and it didn’t work out because of me and I feel so bad about that.  He told me all he could think about was me and when he made love to his wife he was thinking about me.

Damn, now what am I to do? I do not want to be part of a permanent break up of two people especially when little kids are involved. I felt bad spending the day with Mike but that all changed when I got the phone call. I answered my phone when a restricted call came in and I usually do not answer so I was evidently supposed to hear what i heard.  I heard Francisco having sex with someone and I think that someone was the woman he was seeing.

He usually invites me on his trips but this time he didn’t because he is going to be gone a week. Whoever it was that owned that phone planned out her evilness down to the T.  I heard all the sounds a man makes right up to when he came and it just made me sick. How could he give me a damn ring and be fucking her? How could he take her on a trip and do this to me?

Well, I didn’t want to marry the fucker anyway but this was a punch in the face and so damn insulting. He can take his ring and shove it so far up his ass his eyes will sparkle for all I care. He called earlier and left me a  message, yep one of those sappy ones where, o baby I miss you so much, I can’t wait to get back home, yaddy, yaddy, yaddy, all bullshit, son of a bitch, cock sucking mother fucking bastard is all I have to say.

Yes I am so pissed because of the lies, the unneccessary lies and for that he lost a good friend for one thing and all of my respect I had for him. I so hope he gets his cock caught in his zipper, what a bastard! It’s all good because I don’t love him anyway, nope sure don’t and never will after this crap. Men can be such fuckers but that’s ok because I now know for sure how much I love someone I may never meet, but who knows maybe I will now won’t I?