The Best Revenge

When I was much younger I used to be a very jealous person and yes I did things that I am not proud of just because I let jealousy control me. I have since found that jealousy can be good to a certain point and then it can also be very bad. The best revenge when jealousy is involved is to do nothing when it comes to another person involved, that’s as far as someone cheating.

We think by hurting the other person that we are getting even but the truth is we are not. The best revenge that I can see is letting the two people be together because what you sow is what you reap. Francisco not only crossed the line, he got himself all wrapped up in it as well and from what I can see the person he is with will eventually make his life a living hell.

I mean really, calling my phone so I could hear the two of them having sex is really twisted and evil and if she is acting like this now, wow wait as the road will continue to twist and turn some ugly truths about her. I have no way of knowing what Francisco has said to her but she is obviously very possessive and who wants to be treated that way? Why the lies is beyond me and I have no doubt the sex is the key.

If a guy can get laid by one and not another well then he’s going to get his whistle wet without a doubt. As far as I am concerned Francisco is nothing more than a very weak memory because I do not play that way and no there are no second chances when it comes to that type of behavior. If he would have kept his pants on he would have had an evening to remember in my bed but noooooooo, he just couldn’t wait for the cream of the crop instead he chose to have tainted and bruised, not worth having.

Well, it’s all good with me I have seen enough of his behavior because if he is cheating now he no doubt will cheat later and I would probably have to kill him, lol. No I wouldn’t dirty my hands I would just walk away as I am doing now. If I wanted to be a real bitch I could so easily tell him how I fantasize about someone else, how I masturbate with his picture in my mind and how I wish to be touched by him and him alone but I am not an evil bitch and will keep myself intact without letting this crap upset my life.