How It Happens

So many people meet Catfishers online, people who start online relationships and sometimes they are ligit but more often than not they are not. Catfishing is so common these days and the fisher never gets on video chat with their prey. Sometimes, it’s a female pretending to be a male or vice versa and they start a friendship that ends up being so much more.

Sometimes, it’s a scammer trying to get money and sometimes it’s just someone bored that enjoys the online communication and yes sometimes, both people or at least one builds some very deep feelings. There is the rare occasion when soulmates meet online but this is very rare and extremely unique by design. It’s so damn harmful to Catfish someone because it can severely damage that person emotionally.

How do these relationships happen? Quite simple, people are bored or to busy to meet one on one and they rely on technology, someone befriends someone else, they chat and become online friends. Anonomynity is safe and it allows us to open ourselves up telling someone we have never met very personal things about ourselves because we fee safe.

We can tell that person anything because quite frankly we feel completely and utterly safe from reprisal or judgement most of the time. I have fallen into the Catfish pond as well as I have buried every family  member that I had a good relationship with and I have no one. I am also a writer, I write all the time just to release emotions that I have as I am a very emotional woman.

I was quite naive when I started surfing the net and yes I got scammed and played but I have since learned so much and know so much better. I have also fallen for someone online who has played with me like a toy which I find to be so cruel. It’s not nice to play with people and I have forgiven him because if I didn’t I would hate myself and I refuse to do that.

I no longer wait for him to meet me as he has had more than a million opportunities to do so and he has chosen not to so I keep looking for Mr. Right in my own hood. Don’t ask me why I am so attracted to this person because it isn’t his appearance or his financial status, I’m just attracted to him and have been long before I knew or so I think I know who he is.

Regardless of who he is there is this tremendous pull towards him and even though I have seen other men I am always drawn back to him. Maybe I am crazy but in my heart I feel as if we are soulmates, as if we belong together for some unknown reason. It’s as if we have something to accomplish but cannot do it with anyone but each other and together we could and would change the world for the better.

Second Call

I really cannot deal with jealous, insecure people especially women and Francisco has obviously gotten involved with a deamon woman at best. My son answered my phone and he hears some conversation so he wakes me up and hands me my cellphone and what do I hear? Francisco and his piece of strange ass buying jewelry, he was buying her a diamond necklace!

Is he a total ass or what? This chick has serious issues as she obviously went into his cell and got my number and calls me so I can hear things that not only do I wish not to but I should not be aware of in the least. Yes, I am pissed that he is boning her and I could care less if he bought her a gold vibrator but for that bitch to call me so I can hear the details, well that is just twisted.

I had the police here yesterday because he called then to check up on  me because I am not taking his calls and he was “concerned” about me. Isn’t that just the sweetest thing? I have nothing to say to him until he comes home and then, well then the evil in me will come out. I will be sweet as pie to him but he is going to watch his beautiful ring be dropped into Lake Erie.

O yes, I have every intention of taking him to the park and walking the boardwalk and o ya I plan on stopping and telling him I have something for him. I plan on removing his ring which I will wear for this special occasion and as I hand it back to him I plan on dropping it right into the damn river. Then as sweetly as I can I am going to tell him about the phone calls and tell him to enjoy his sexual psycho.

Is that being immature? Is that being evil? Is that being a woman scorned? You betcha but hey I don’t want to cut off his balls and shove his cock up his ass or at the very least slap him across the face. I was telling my girlfriend about this shit and she told me that I really need to look at what he has to offer and to forgive his indiscretions!!!!! WTF?????? Even some of my friends are money driven unfortunately which makes me rethink the friendships.

I plan on having my daughter follow us to the park because as soon as I drop the ring I am walking away, no more chatter, no more bullshit and no he doesnt get a chance to redeem himself as there is no redemption. I just would love to know why I keep ending up with men that do not deserve me or my time and I would love to know why my soulmate is jacking off somewhere instead of letting me jack him off, lol.

I know I am bad but it’s really time for my soulmate to step up to the plate and meet me, let’s have dinner, lunch, breakfast, tube steak, hell anything just open up to me and let me in and I will do the same. My soulmate must realize he is wasting time staying away and each day is one less that we are together enjoying our lives together, building a live together and discovering things we never knew existed.