The Third Call

OK, I’m trying to keep myself together because I am so beyond pissed and I could so easily choke me a bitch. I get a call from “Amanda” Francisco’s piece of ass and she informs me that they are in “love”. She told me I am not welcome in Francisco’s life and that they are an “item”. I listened as she spoke and when she was done I asked her if there was anything else she thought I should know.

She told me that Francisco has been married three times and has four kids!!!!! WTF????? How can a person lie about that shit? How can a person deny their own child? Bob did the exact same thing, lied about his marriages and how many kids he had sired. She also told me she gets on wonderfully with his kids and that they are in boarding school so they do not see them often.

What a fucking bitch!!!!!! Francisco is a super fucking asshole as well because when you have kids they are a part of you and should be a major part of your life but his money has sent them away for others to raise them, what a loser. She also informed me that he is building a new home in California and she has been helping pick out the shit that goes into building a home.

I sat back and digested all of this information and I finally said to her ” listen, you are nothing but a piece of ass with two left feet and ugly shoes and she might want to seek out a psychiatric evaluation because her behavior is definitely signs of a major mental illness”. She told me to trust her because she was telling me the truth, lol. I told her she shouldn’t use big words like trust because she didn’t understand the meaning. I also told her in a very calm voice that I really thought that she appears to have a very bad hair day every fucking day and to never call me again.

I was very proud of myself because I did stay so calm and didn’t let her get me flustered to the point that I went off like a half cocked gun. The last time I had a conversation similar to this was when Bob’s x-wife called me when Shelby was six weeks old and once again I was very calm, cool and collected. I asked her if she had anything else she would like to tell me and when she said no, I told her thanx for the call and to kiss my ass as I hung up, fucking women are such bitches and I am ashamed to be part of the same sex.

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