Urban Dictionary

I looked up my name in the urban dictionary and I swear whoever wrote this must have slept with me as they described me to a T.

A sweet compassionate girl that finds the beauty in everything. She is always willing to give a helping hand. Everyone loves her as soon as they meet her. Tends to be very sexy and confident.
Going on a mission trip to Ukraine is such a Kimberly thing to do.
Beautiful, sexy, sweet and smart. Even more beautiful on the inside. This girl will make all your dreams come true. You’ll never want to take your eyes off of her, she’ll always amaze you and make you laugh. Great in bed. The one you will never want to let go of and if you do you will regret forever.
Kimberly is the girl I want to marry.


Kimberly is an irish slang term meaning hot.
boy 1: wow look at that girl over there.

boy 2: KIMBERLY!!!


Girl who…
A. listens to you
B. has too much energy
C. might be a little annoying
D. is very talkative
E. is very smart (but sometimes does not show it)
F. is in love with some right now (but may not know it)
Boy1: DUDE! That Kimberly is sooo INSANE!
Boy2: DUDE! But look up! I think she loves you!
Boy1: OMG dude! ima ask her out!
Kimberly: WTF is happening over here?!


Talented to beyond comprehension.
I can’t believe I missed that kimberly performance!


The most amazing person you will ever meet. Though they might not be the smartest person in the world, they know how to make men fall to their feet. They have a special something that makes everyone love them.
Boy 1: Do you know Kimberly?
Boy 2: Yeah! I was just about to ask her out…
Boy 1: Oh no you won’t! Not if I get to her first!


Kimberly, in other words, she’s HOT!!! Beautiful, charming, sexy, nice, sweet, cute, awesome, wonderful, out-of-this-world, fantastic, GORGEOUS! She can light up your world all over, just the way she gives you that smile. That laugh she makes every time you’d tell a retarded joke just to make her laugh, laughter of an angel, indeed. Her skin is so smooth, you’d wanna give her a hug EVERY day. Her favorite thing to do is to make everyone happy, and keep it that way, that’s her specialty. She also loves music, and drawing, too. Her hair is also very smooth and nice, like a cute little Pomeranian dog. You can easily fall in love with her, in any way possible, she CAN make you fall in love with her. If you ever do get together, you will have eternal love for the rest of your life and afterlife. She is the definition of true love. ❤
Kimberly, guess what, I Love You!


Kimberly is the best girl I’ve ever gone out with. She makes me smile and I don’t think I could ever live without her. We have our ups and downs but in the end it’s all worth it. She’s the most beautiful girl i’ve ever layed eyes on. She is soo sexy 😉 She’s funny, smart, a lot of fun, and gorgeous. She makes my heart skip a beat. We have the most amazing late night talks. I could go on and on about her but I should keep this short. When you read this I hope you get the biggest smile on your face, just like I do every time I see you. Soo…i love you Kimberly ❤ k&d forever
One day, i’m going to marry kimberly.


Hmmm…. What to say about this girl… How about the fact she is always there at the right times to cheer me up no matter the problem. She is the type of girl you can only wish to be with or even talk to and anyone who gets to do so is very very VERY lucky. The type of girl that can have a mean side but yet you can’t be mad at her for it. To be honest I’m not even scared of her mean side;P She is super cute and beautiful. I don’t just say that I mean it even though those words are used so much these days. But I don’t care cause I wouldn’t describe her in any other way. The type of girl who sometimes doesn’t realize how special she is even though everyone else can see it. Hard not to have your attention when she does something. She is amazingly fun to talk to. She always has a story for you. She makes you smile =) One of my favorite things about her. Yeah I am just blabbering on about this girl but hey, why not when she deserves it<3 Cutey
“Hey man did you see that Kimberly girl?”
“Yeah man she is spicey!!”

Haha hope you like it XD ❤


Kimberly, amazing, sweet, perfect, cute, beautiful, funny, ravishing, stunning just to name a few, she will make you fall and hard, but she will be worth any time you get to spend with her, even if you lose her because you will never feel the same amount of love she will give you from anybody else.

I have one and she is my only Nomnom ❤



A Kimberly is girl whose beauty, lovability, sweetness, humor, kindnes, honesty, etc. is unmatchable. When an Aaron gets to know her. He would die to taste her kiss. She can light any mans heart on fire. It’s hard to exactly define a Kimberly, because you have to get very detailed. But this will suffice.
P1: ” God damn. Look at that Kimberly!”

P2: ” That Aaron’s pretty lucky.”


kimberly is a beautiful confident girl who doesn’t care what people think of her she lives tommorow and learns from yesterday. She’s also inspiring and love to wear hats


the most amazing woman you will ever meet. She is strong and soft all at the same time. A great mother. Never fails to be the best in bed that i have ever been with. Cant make up her mind half the time about what she wants. loves having her cake and eating it to. she is always there for her friends and will go out of her way no matter what it takes to be a friend to them even when they don’t deserve it. will make you fall in love in a blink of an eye and you wont be able to walk away. you will want to put a ring on her finger and be with her the rest of your life
got to love kimberly


small cute shy unique beautiful girl is very sweet and sexy and loves to have a good time loves sex and boys and is always the one to have a good laugh with



Women in general are extremely vain about their appearance especially regarding makeup and aging. I do not use night creams, lotions, age defying gel or any of that stuff because I do not believe it does anything but make the pocket lighter. I rarely wear makeup because I do not feel that I need it to look pretty and when I do go out I wear very little of it.

Aging is a natural process but people are so fake these days they fear aging and wrinkles, being overweight so they get liposuction, they hate their faces aging so they get face lifts, boob jobs, ass lifts, tummy tucks and so on. I will never have any of that stuff done to me because I am quite secure with how I look and who I am. There are plenty of people in their 60’s that do not look it and it is all in the genes.

I must have some pretty good ones because people are forever telling me I do not look my age. I do not have wrinkles as of yet but yes I have the frown line but no crows feet as of yet. I do not live in the sun even though I love it and water and could live on a houseboat year round. I will be moving to Georgia in a few years because the weather is warm and I do have the aches and pains of a woman my age.

I have been walking an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening and yes the weight is coming off, slowly but it is coming off. I want to lose weight for health reasons and I always feel better when I look better. I do this for myself and myself alone not for a man. Hell, I do not need to change myself for any man because I have a pretty great guy in my life right now and he likes me just the way I am.

When you want someone to change their appearance for you well then you have the problem not them. Men love a thin to average size woman but there are those men that think a woman my size is just fine. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I am beholding to a wonderful man who I think the world of, yes he does make my heart skip a beat and I do see a future with him.

He’s Back

Mike called and asked if he could come over because he wanted to talk to me so of course I said yes. The kids are gone and I am home alone once again and looked forward to seeing him. I was cooking as usual and making beef tenderloin in a bordeaux sauce on crisp baquets and a lovely salad of mixed greens, grape tomatoes, baby cukes, walnuts and dried cranberries mixed with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette and a lovely semi sweet red wine.

He came to the door and I let him in and he gave me a huge hug and kissed me like it was our last and he told me he missed me way to much. I lead him into the dining room and we sat down and had a fantastic dinner as we chatted. He told me that he wanted to be with me and being with his wife was how he found out for sure. It’s crazy how I go dry spells without male companionship and then it seems as if I am flooded, lol.

He kept telling me how special I am, how I am different from other women, how I have that “it” thing we look for in another person. We sat on the couch and held hands and snuggled and played kissy face which escalated to stink finger, lol I know I am so bad but I need the touch of a man, I need to smell the cologne of a man and feel a man’s hands on body once again.

When we are together I think of no one but him and all I want to do is lie next to him running my hand over his naked chest, over his naked body. He makes me feel something I haven’t felt in a very long time and he fills the void I have had in my heart for years. We’re going to the campground next weekend to close it up and enjoy getting away from it all and just enjoy the land and the deer in the evenings and early mornings.

I have no doubt I could fall deeply in love with Mike but until he is divorced I cannot let myself fall because one never knows what can happen. I am already aware that the first woman a man sees during or after his divorce never lasts and I am looking for something that will last. Mike isn’t rich or famous but he is a hard working man that I respect and admire greatly and that is all I need to be happy.