Bad Feeling

Miguel and the boys went to put in bay and I told him I had a real bad feeling about going and please not to go. He said they would be fine and not to worry, ya right me not worry when I get one of my “feelings”? Well, sure as shit something went wrong as his oldest boy had a terrible pain in his side, he was throwing up and running a fever and Miguel calls me and asks me what I thought was wrong.

Well, I told him to get his son to the hospital stat because it sounded like appendicitis to me and that is exactly what it was. Miguel called me after being at the hospital for a while and they were taking his son into surgery. His son did great during surgery and the dr. told him his son’s appendix was about to burst and it’s a good thing that he brought him in when he did.

Miguel told me I was creepy because I had warned him and he had never met anyone that had such a strong six sense like I do. I didn’t tell him that I am psychic as that would probably have really creeped him in out as most do not believe in such a thing. I get these feelings all the time and I try to ignore them which is stupid because I end up paying in the end.

Miguels son will be fine and I am so glad for that but his wife got really pissed at him and told him it was his fault, lol stupid woman. There is no warning with appendicitis except the pain and nausea and my girlfriend went through the same thing when we were younger. I have learned quite a bit about medical issues over the years because my husband was sick for so long and I made a point to learn, to understand and to watch out for the warning signs of different illnesses.

I’m not a stupid woman and surely not naive about too much any longer and I have learned that education is the key to protecting oneself. I love learning and would like to go back to school but can’t afford it. I’m doing ok but not great and trying to sell property and things I own isn’t going so well. I had a buyer for some property I have in Florida but that deal fell through because his dog is to large and doesn’t meet the guidelines of the residents in the area.

If I could sell the property and my rv life would be so much easier but hey things happen when they are supposed to and not a  minute sooner. I’ve decided that the house will go up next spring and I should be able to sell it by fall if not sooner. I plan on buying a much smaller home for the kids and I and when Ryan graduates I plan on finding a place in Georgia as the weather is better for me and cost of living is cheaper.

I can live in Georgia during the winter and come up to Michigan during the summer to be with the kids. Ryan is so damn smart he will do great for himself and he will do great financially I have no doubt. Shelby is such a hard worker and she loves school so much and yes she will be a great attorney one day and maybe she will decide to run for a judge as she has dreamed.

Life is good, I am content and the kids are doing great which makes me happy as my kids happiness means more to me than my own. I have always treated my children as if they were young adults even when they were little I was honest with them. Shelby once asked me what my boobs were for and I told her the truth, boobs have milk for babies and then she asked me where babies come from and I told him in a child’s version but I didn’t tell her the stork brought them.

My kids see me as a strong, independent woman who can handle any crisis that comes her way and that my friends has built character in each of my children. My kids do not look for handouts or someone else to carry their burdens as they have been through so much already in their lives and are quite independent. It’s important to be honest with our kids and teach them to care for themselves because as I have experienced, people die and leave you to fend for yourself.

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