My brain seems to never shut down and I am so sick of reading and hearing about kids getting killed because of their texting and driving or talking on the phone and driving. I have been thinking of a way to stop this from happening and I was thinking about making the inside of a car a dead zone. I was talking to my son about it and he thinks I should build an app that connects to google maps and then it makes the phone go into airplane mode.

I dont know about apps as I do not see much income coming from that but then again who knows. If I built a chip that goes into cellphones I think that would be the better route but then I do not have disposable income to make it happen. I can’t trust anyone these days and an investor would no doubt screw me in the end so I will continue to look at all possibilities.

I already know it would be an awesome seller because parents are always worried about their kids using phones, texting and driving. Adults are no better  as so many accidents occur because of phone use. Laws are being passed in every state to stop using phones while driving so I see this to be a huge seller and I mean huge. I do not think making an app is the way to go, no I see a simms card being altered which would be so perfect.

I just have to sit back and look at this from all angles because I know others are trying to come up with ways to stop the cellphone/auto thing. I am sure someone is developing something as we speak but I have no idea if they have thought along the lines my son and I have thought about. All I need is a great design team, a hole lot of money, great marketing and I am on my way, ya I know Im dreaming but the world has been changed by the dreamers.

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