Jobs-The Movie

I went to see the movie Jobs and was duly impressed with Ashton Kuscher’s impersonation of Jobs. The movie starts from the beginning of Jobs interest or lack of interest in higher education and how he goes from a shoe less college student to a business owner working out of a garage with a good friend. The movie progresses into Jobs refusing to be a father to his child and how he is obsessed with technology.

Ashton’s body language changes as Jobs becomes older, he walks bent over and he has a certain way of speaking which is quite unique to Jobs. Jobs is driven by perfection, by morals and standards that go against the industry as a whole. He eventually loses his company but in the end regains it as Apple plummets on the stock market even though a real great marketer is hired.

Ashton does an awesome portrayal of Jobs and the movie did make me laugh at times but I found the movie to be inspiring and promotes dreaming and following those dreams. The sad part about the movie is Jobs gets so involved in the technology he loses sight of the importance of his friends and he finally discovers life isn’t all that being alone and being a genius.

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